Azalea 10K Results


Chip time: 46:50.9

Pace: 7:33/M

Overall: 74th out of 485

Age Group: 10th out of 37


Chip time: 55:37.7

Pace: 8:58/M

Overall: 184th out of 485

Age Group: 10th out of 46

I’ll post more about this race, along with some pics, later. It was so much fun! :)

Our new (used) jogging stroller.

Thanks to our sweet friends Matt & Cristy – we now are proud owners of a double jogging stroller – yay! We’ve wanted one for a while, but never wanted to fork out the dough for a nice one. They had this one just sitting in their garage not being used, so they said we could just take it. Um, OK! This morning, we took it out to the trails for the first time and had a great time. The girls LOVED it and now, Ryan & I can run together. Gives us a lot more options of ways to work running into our schedule. Especially with Spring approaching!

Confession’s of a true Slacker

Dear friends-

I have a confession to make. I’ve been such a slacker since my last 1/2 marathon in mid December. I took a week off post race to rest, then there was Christmas, then it was too dark in the morning, then it was too cold, then raining and cold. I have dropped my average miles to an all time low of 10-15 miles per week. Gross! I have to get back on track! Geez! I love the way I feel while running, the therapeutic time inside of my thoughts and release, relaxation, and accomplishment I feel post run. I’ve just gotta get my butt back in gear and wanted to make that confession. My minimum weekly mileage 2 months ago was 18-20. Now you can hold me accountable. Thanks.

Patiently Running.

I’ve heard from a lot of people recently, well maybe over the past 6 months or so, who have started running. I love to get emails or Facebook messages from friends saying they have started running and what programs they are following and what goals they have set for themselves. Its inspiring! It makes me feel so honored when someone asks me for advice or tips to get started…I feel all legit & like a real, true runner!!!

Something that I have shared with a few of these friends who are just starting out is this tid bit of advice: HAVE PATIENCE. This might be the most important advice I could give.

When people begin running, they usually have a goal in mind – a certain amount of weight they want to lose, a certain distance they would like to achieve, 5K race they want to run in, etc. Its so easy to run a few times – not enjoy it, struggle through it, not lose 5 pounds off the bat, and just want to give up. Here’s the deal, when I first started running about 5 years ago, I could honestly barely make it 1/4 mile before I felt as though I would pass out and/or die. I was training for a 5K, that was my goal and why I started. So, what I had to do is slowly (and I mean, s-l-o-w-l-y) work my way up to 3.1 miles. I ran 0.25 on the treadmill several times & then I would just go a little farther each time. And now, 3 miles is my normal week day run! With 3 half-marathons under my belt, I tell people – ANYONE can do it. If I can, anyone can. For real.

Also, don’t try to do too much too soon – because there is a good chance you could cause an injury. So, be patient. Start slowly, add to your miles slowly, give your body time to rest, and be patient with yourself. Pounds will come off in time and you will be able to achieve your goals in time.

If you choose to train for a longer distance run – like a half marathon. Patience comes into play a lot as well because running for an hour to two hours at a time can be daunting. You have to let your mind escape from your body and not dwell on the time it takes. This is where good music on my ipod helps me SO much.

So if you have just started running or are considering it, awesome! I highly recommend it. But remember, patience is key. There’s my little piece of running advice for you today. For what its worth! :)

Run on friends.

My new workout routine.

I’m trying something new. Whoa nelly! As most of you know, I’ve been running for several years. On occasion, I’ll do crunches, lift some free weights here & there, and take stroller walks with my baby girls. But nothing too consistent, other than running. I think I’ve reached a plateau – a comfort zone if you will – and need to start pushing myself harder. Not to mention the 7.8 pounds I think I’ve gained over the past couple of months filled with turkey-eating, face stuffing, pie eating goodness.

Well, I’m turning over a new leaf…I’m going to really try to incorporate some cross-training into my running regime. I want to run AND lift weights AND do some form of cross-training (i.e. yoga, swimming, or cycling) each week. I’ve been recording a yoga show called Inhale that comes on the Oxygen channel every morning at 5 a.m. (thanks for the recommendation Hallye).  I’ve done it twice now and wow – its kicking my butt! But I really think all of the stretching will really help my running. I think that’s one of the main reasons I’ve had IT band issues the past couple of months…my hips and leg muscles are not stretched out properly. Honestly, I can’t even touch my toes at this point!

I also have no excuse not to lift weights or do lap swimming. We have access to a nice gym & pool at the college where Ryan works. So, my plan is to add some of these things into my weekly workout routine that will help me as a runner…and help me to hopefully get super buff & totally ripped. Ha!

Several people have asked me what my normal routine is, what time of day I run, etc…well, below is what I’m thinking it will be for the next few months…at least until training for my next half marathon begins. Note: this is always subject to change due to unexpected mommy duties – which does & always will supersede.

6 a.m. Workout Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: run 3-5 miles & lift weights

Tuesday: yoga & abs

Thursday: swimming or cycling & lift weights

Saturdays: run long run (6-12 miles)

Sunday: REST!

Also, when the weather gets nice again, we’ll start taking our nightly family walks through the neighborhood.

So wish me luck on my new routine! Gonna try it out for a while & make the necessary changes as I go. Now, let me hear from you…what do you do to change up your workout routine every now & then to push yourself? I’d love to hear what works (or doesn’t work) for you!

New shoes!

For Christmas, Ryan & I bought each other new running shoes & socks. We both desperately needed new shoes. My last pair ran in two half marathons and all of the training runs in between. It was time. We went to a local running store and tried on several pairs and finally decided upon these…

Mizuno Waver Rider 12. I’ve ran in them twice thus far and I have to say, I am loving them! Very light, yet supportive. They just feel good. I’m excited about the miles I will put on these new kicks! With a new year approaching, I’m trying to set some running goals for myself…including some new races and new pace times. This morning, Ryan & I ran 5 miles (in the frigid cold wind) on our trails and I was reminded,yet again, why I love to run.


I have 2 shoe options. Work or running. Work shoes are lame. Running shoes are super cool. Very important and versatile. New running shoes instill mystery and increase my motivation to run. Trust-worthy, broken-in and familiar shoes give me security on long runs. Old running shoes are slid on bringing back many great memories of miles and are typically super comfy and are great for trips to the store or loafing. The eldest are used for stomping through the yard while mowing or on muddy work days. I love running shoes. Traci and I bought each other new ones (Mizuno Wave Rider 12) for Christmas. Yippie!

White Rock

Its Sunday evening and I am whooped and about to head to bed as soon as possible! We had such a great weekend. On Saturday, we met up with Matt & Rachel at Starbucks in Mequite. It was so great seeing them…they are such a sweet couple! Rach & I have been great friends for a very long time. She just found out she is expecting her second child and Matt just took a new job, which will allow them to move to Dallas within the next two years, which I could not be more excited about!

After a yummy Peppermint Mocha,we headed to the Race Expo to pick up our packets. Such a cool experience to be surrounded by thousands and thousands of other people with the same hobby & passion for running as you. Our big purchase here – $1 energy jelly beans for the race. It was cool to walk through and check out all of the vendor booths, find out about upcoming races, and do some shoe shopping.

That evening, we chowed down on some pasta at Spaghetti Warehouse, which was quite tasty! Part of the fun of participating in races is the food you eat prior to the race and post-race. My Dad joined us, along with Jessica Smith (from Quitman) and her family.

This morning was RACE DAY and it was amazing. The course was great, the weather was perfect, and we achieved our time goals! Such an enjoyable run. Ryan was blazing & ran faster than he ever has on a long run…I was so proud of him. You can read all about his run here. And as always, I get so proud of my Dad when I see him crossing the finish line! I mean really, not many people can say that their dad runs half-marathons with them! Me? Well, I finished at 2:06, about 9:30 pace, which was what I hoped for. My IT band hurt for the first couple of miles, but then let up & I felt no pain from it the remainder of the run. Such a blast! This is a race I would highly recommend! Its so cool that its one of the top half-marathons in the U.S. and its so close to us. We loved it & will cherish the memory of this day. I am also so proud of our friends that accomplished White Rock too…great job guys!

Here are our posted results for those of you that want the details…

White Rock 1/2 Marathon. AWESOME!

Today’s 1/2 was a personal best for me at the ever popular Dallas White Rock 1/2 marathon. The conditions were great. 50 degrees and misty/cloudy. I was a bit apprehensive since I haven’t been eating as lean nor running as much as I have been wanting to the last couple of weeks. The bigger, more organized races have a new “wave” start which is fantastic. Basically when you register for the race, you state what your average pace will be then on race day they set you up in large groups or “waves” with runners of a similar pace. This is great because you don’t have to spend the first 3 miles dodging walkers which is a BIG PEEVE of mine with more community type events such as the Turkey Trot.

So, today. 8am. American Airlines Arena, Downtown Dallas. Exciting and almost overwhelming. I started at a super comfortable pace, slowly increasing my stride and the next thing I knew, I pass the 3 mile marker. I couldn’t believe  how fast the race was feeling. A few miles of Dallas downtown. A handful of miles of swanky neighborhoods. Then it was time for the last 3 miles.

This last, downhill stretch was on one of our favorite running spots in Dallas, The Katy Trail. Awesome. I spent a solid 2 miles of this trail on a “runners high” which for those who have not experienced it, is when your focus is on only the good things of running. The pounding pain of your joints induced by your hour-plus run on the wet and damp concrete goes away. The chill that has caused your muscles and tendons to be tighter than normal over the 10 miles becomes irrelevant. It’s as if all negative aspects of running subside as your adrenaline makes your heart smile and your steps feel as light as air. Not to mention a mental block to increase my pace as I flash by people I’ve only seen the back of during the previous miles. Seriously awesome.

Mile 12. My right calf quickly tightened mid stride causing an instant back-to-reality smack to my run. I caught the cramp before it rooted by extending my right leg with an obvious stretch to keep the muscle loose. Whew! All good. Then again. No way was I going to have the best race of my life only to end up with me curled up on the side of the trail rubbing out a calf cramp. No way. I began to pull back a bit as I felt it twinge again, only now from the left leg. Boo. With even more determination to finish the last 1/2 a mile, I ran with the least amount of calf muscle force as possible using mostly my momentum and straightened legs. Silly for sure. At 1 hour 40 minutes and 48 seconds, I finished. Average pace, 7:33 minutes per mile. I surpassed my goal of 7:45. A great and surprisingly memorable race day for me. I loved it.