well, our flights & hotel are officially booked to new york city for the week after next!  going with my sister, jen. 3 nights, 4 days in nyc!  woohoo! we are staying in a hilton directly across the street from rockefeller center.  i can’t wait to run in central park & experience being in nyc again.  its such a unique place.  you really feel as though you are in the center of the world there.  so much happens there and there is so much to see in such a small place.  i’ve been there twice before & loved it both times!  i hope to eat at bobby flay’s restaurant, mesa grill.  and i definitely want a frozen hot chocolate from serendipity.  :)  maybe i will take a book and go lay in the fields at the park & just read for hours while jen works.  i will soooo miss my hub & my girls for those few days though…it will be super hard to leave them.  ryan & i both are babies when it comes to being apart, even for a few short days.  i miss him each day when he’s at work..what can i say, i’m still so in love!  :)  so pray for ryan that week as he will be both mommy & daddy to our girls!  i hope the girls enjoy their special week w/daddy.  if you have any suggestions on things to do or see while in nyc, let me know.  i will definitely post some pics, so stay tuned!  

The froggie pool this afternoon…

So all morning, we talked about the froggie pool.  We had to work the shop, come home & eat lunch, TAKE A NAP, and THEN we could go swimming in our new froggie pool.  :)  This was the plan & Addi was very excited all day about it.  In fact, she cried so hard the night we set up the pool & she couldn’t swim in in b/c it was her bed time.  Anyways, while she was napping today, I filled it with water so it would be nice & warm.  When she woke up, first thing she asks is for “froggie!” So we put on bathing suit, sunscreen, etc. & head outside.  I set Kamryn up in the shade and Addi was ready to “swim.”  Here are a few pics that show the progressive experience of the pool today…

At first, she was a little apprehensive, but excited…

She walked around it for a while, uncertain what to do next.  So I showed her.  I set her INSIDE the pool & here is her reaction…

How awful of you mommy to put me in the pool!  So I took her back out for a minute & she FINALLY after about 10 minutes of hanging out and playing with the water outside of the pool, she got back in…

She would only STAND for the longest & the finally…

she decided the froggie pool was FUN & played for almost an hour.  :)  She loved it after she warmed up to it!  

6 months old!

Today my little baby girl is 6 months old!  Hard to believe.  Seems like Addison just turned 6 months old & now she is almost 2 & we have another one who is 6 months!  I love my sweet little Kam Kam.  She’s just started sitting up…is finally starting to sleep better at night – thank goodness!  She has the sweetest smile & is such a cuddle bug.  Pretty soon I’ll have to start planning a 1 year bday party…again!!!

random thoughts for the day…

-french toast made with fresh french bread from the bakery is by the far the best.  

-my dog makes me so mad when she gets in the trash!  ugh.  i mean seriously, she has such a good life…she lays around on nice furniture all day in the cool house & gets petted (not sure if there is a past tense to pet) & gets food & water provided constantly…and yet, she can’t help herself when we leave…the trash is like her obsession.  sicko!  she’s such a good dog…this is her one thing that she does & its like she can’t help herself.  makes me so frustrated & grosses me out!  um, please don’t lick me anymore.

-i LOVE watching movies at the theater.  today ryan, jen & i went to see a movie.  oh yes.  i had popcorn drizzled in butter & a coke…split it w/ryan of course.  enjoyed every bite!  its great to escape the craziness of life for a couple of hours & indulge yourself into fiction while stuffing your face w/yummy treats!  oh, and i finished it up w/some gummy bears.  

-tonight’s 4 mile run was pretty sweet…weather had cooled off, thanks to the rain!  my time was 8:57 pace…not too shabby!  :)  

-i’d like to lose 5 more pounds before san fran…better cut out the french toast & buttery popcorn!  i have a “goal weight” that i’d like to reach before our big race.  i really need to drink more water!

-kamryn is soooo sensitive…if people she doesn’t know talks to her, she cries real tears & her bottom lip comes out & she SCREAMS until she gets her mommy…i hear that’s exactly how i was as a baby…i guess my sweet kam kam is a lot like her momma!

-addi talks SO well for her age.  she speaks in whole sentences & has conversations w/you.  she says hi to everyone at the coffee shop & is so outgoing & sociable.  she’s hilarious & cracks us up!  last night, she asked me to watch “nemo.”  we’ve never watched nemo…not sure how she learned of nemo.  so i put it on…and then she says, “fish! where are you?”  hehehe.  she’s a nut!

-i may have a chance to go to new york city in a couple of weeks w/my sister….trying to figure some things out & see if we can make this happen….HOW STINKIN AWESOME WOULD THAT BE???  i would totally miss my sweet husband & adorable girls….but its a short 4 day, 3 night trip…and it would be free…so we’ll see!  i’d love to run in central park for a few days & eat at serendipity.

-we visited grace community church in lindale ( this past week & really enjoyed it.  seemed real & relevant…i’ll keep you posted on this….we will visit again i’m sure.  we are searching for a church home here & are praying that we can find a place to get plugged in.

-off to shower & to bed, 5:30 a.m. comes very quickly!  thank goodness i work at a coffee shop & have easy access to espresso.  tomorrow, working the shop & taking addi swimming in her new froggie pool (thanks to my friend vicki for the recommendation! we can’t wait to try it out)  nighty night! 

Happy Father’s Day

I feel like a very blessed girl today!  Not only do I have a great dad whom has taught me so much & loves me no matter what….I also have a great husband who is a great dad!  Ryan goes above & beyond…he gets up in the night w/the babies, he changes diapers just as much as I do, he takes time out to play & read to them, he tickles them & makes them laugh harder than anyone else.  I am proud of him for the daddy he is & it only makes me love him even more!  Happy Father’s Day baby!  And Happy Father’s Day Dad!  I love you both.  You guys rock.


Yummy new recipe!

Tonight, I made bruschetta bread to go along side our lasagna for dinner.  It was awesome!!!  Thought I’d share the recipe.

Hot House or Roma Tomatoes

Green Onions

2-3 chopped garlic cloves

Chopped fresh basil

Grated parmesan cheese

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt & pepper

French Bread sliced

Drizzle some EVOO on the sliced french bread & toast in oven on broil.  Dice tomatoes & add garlic, green onion, basil, and salt & pepper to your liking.  Drizzle mixture with EVOO and mix well.  Top bread slices with the tomato mixture and top with parmesan cheese.  Serve & enjoy!

Today’s 10 miler @ White Rock

Last night, the girls spent the night w/Grandma so they could sleep in. So Ryan & I enjoyed the evening ALONE in our house.  We actually watched some of a movie before we went to bed…soooo relaxing!  This morning, my alarm went off at 3:30 a.m.  Yikes – I was so out of it…I’m pretty sure I was in the middle of some serious REM sleep.  Ryan, my dad, and I left Quitman at 4 a.m. to drive to Dallas to pick up my sister, Jen, at DFW airport.  She flew threw the night…she travels for her job & was returning from California today. We then proceeded to go to White Rock Lake to run our long run for the week…10 miles.  It was awesome!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed the different, beautiful location.  The weather wasn’t too bad either.  It was overcast most of the time & a little cooler than it has been.  And afterwards….Einstein’s Bagels – YUM!  Here are a few pics from our day….before & after shots…


San Fran here we come!


On August 3rd, myself, Ryan, my sister, my dad, and my brother in law are all running in the San Francisco 1/2 marathon ( & I could not be more pumped about it!!!  Only 7 weeks left of intense training & we will be flying out.  I absolutely can not wait.  We have been training now for a couple of months and are up to 9 miles thus far.  Tomorrow, we go to Dallas to run at White Rock Lake 10 miles.  It will be challenging, but a beautiful setting!  Its always good to change up the routes you run.  Running the long runs in Quitman every week gets a little boring.  Part of this San Fran race runs across the Golden Gate Bridge…how stinkin awesome is that?  Woohoo…its gonna be a blast!!!  If you have any tips on running long distances or advise, I’d love to hear about it.   

On the news!!!

Studio Java & Dixon Productions made the news!!!  Watch the story on KLTV…

Our trip to the zoo

This past Saturday, we went to the zoo w/my sweet cousins Christi & Staci & their families.  We had a great time, minus the heat!  Addi was a little timid at first & a little overwhelmed w/it all…but she did great.  She LOVED the petting zoo.  We walked up & there were goats…just goats.  She says, “moose!”  And I said, “No, baby those are goats.” So we go in and she pets them (gross by the way).  She has a blast and then we get ready to leave & she yells, “bye moose!”  She also enjoyed the bird room…she did try to grab a bird & it proceeded to fly into Christi’s face….which was hilarious.  Kam slept most of the time, but woke up towards the end.  She’s too young to care, but she seemed to have fun regardless.  After the zoo, we went out to eat at an old school mexican food place in the older part of Tyler…it was very tasty.  Fun day!  Here are some pics of our day….

Hello world!

Hello blog world.  This is my first official post!  I plan to use this site to post pics & to share stories about my crazy family, running, and anything else life throws my way.  Thanks for checking it out & I will start posting more later on.  Til then…have a great afternoon!