relaxing weekend

its been a great weekend. we had a really busy week last week, so we have made it a point to not do much of anything…which is great! ryan did cook us fajitas last night for the redskins game, which was fun. and don’t worry, we’ve already finished ALL the cookies i baked yesterday too!  :)

here are a few pics…

chocolately, buttery, goodness

i tried a new cookie recipe today & its SO good!  its a paula deen recipe, so of course it has a stick of butter & cream cheese.  so its not low fat for sure, but it is delicious & super easy!  click here for the recipe.  i think you could do a variety of things with this recipe using different cake mixes too.  strawberry, lemon, german chocolate, etc.  enjoy!

i think i'm in trouble!

ok, so kamryn has only been crawling for one day.  one day & i already think…wait, i know, i’m in for it! having two babies is already crazy. but now that they will BOTH be mobile…watch out!  

there’s no stopping her now…

twinkle twinkle

yesterday, we were riding in the car after picking the girls up from my grandmothers house. as we were driving down the road, we heard a soft, sweet voice start to sing “twinkle twinkle, little star” from the back seat. addi sang the whole song and when she was done, ryan & i looked at each other & just smiled! nothing is sweeter or more heart-warming than hearing your 2 year old daughter sing! so precious. i think we might have a singer on our hands! the girl has always loved music & loves to sing songs. in fact, she has her very own microphone & stand at the studio that she loves to play with and pretend as though she is singing. its hilarious. when we have music playing in the coffee shop, she stands there, closes her eyes, sways back & forth, and barely moves her lips. as my mom says, “what a ham!”

how i greet customers…

welcome to studio java…

yes, its true, my babies come to work with me every morning!  its nuts, but i love it.  i love being with them! our customers are so great too…sometimes they hold a baby while i make their latte! its great.

life is good

my friend jennifer posted a fun post today talking about some of her favorite things & it got me thinking…what are some of MY absolute favorite things in life?  so here goes, in no particular order…

hugging my fine hubby, running on a cool morning, being apart of a great worship service, kissing my babies, having candles lit in my clean house, hearing a good band play, shopping the sale racks & finding a great deal, buying new lip gloss, snuggling up on the couch and watching a movie with ryan, football season, ben & jerry’s icecream, snow, rain, red wine, cookies right out of the oven, a good coffee, traveling to cool places, swinging on our deck, taking a walk with my family, having a meaningful discussion with a friend, cooking, trying a new recipe that actually tastes good, praying, getting my hair cut, the unconditional love of God, hearing my girls laugh, seeing people’s lives and hearts changed, christmas, sitting by the fire place, a good back massage, italian food, new running shoes, surprises, redesigning a room, the smell of grilling, thanksgiving lunch with my family, random acts of kindness, a phone call from an old friend, pictures, buttery popcorn at the movies….wow, i could go on & on!  

there are so many things in life that i cherish & enjoy.  thanks jennifer for making me think about it today! i challenge you to start making a list of some of your favorite things (big & small). it really makes you realize how much you have to be thankful for.  

“every good & every perfect gift is from above…” james 1:17

who? what? where? huh?

do you ever feel dazed & confused because of lack of sleep? well, i do. my youngest daughter has a cold and has not been sleeping at night the past several nights & ryan & i are SO tired! its amazing how your body responds to not getting enough rest. you just don’t feel all there. i’m not usually a nap person, but i feel one coming on today. my double shot latte did nothing for me this morning! hopefully my poor snotty nosed baby will start to feel better soon…i hate it when my babies are sick, its so sad! plus, mommy & daddy need some sleep!

updates on life

1. ryan has a new job: he’s now a contract audio engineer for a sweet new camp/retreat center that is only like twenty minutes from our house (as opposed to the HOUR drive he had to longview for his other job).  he’s going to do this as often as they need him there as well as work his recording studio and help me out w/the coffee shop & the babies!  this will allow him a much more flexible schedule and we are SO excited about this move & the new adventure.  its an awesome opportunity for him & for our family.  

2. the same camp above was started by a church that is based out of the dallas area & they are starting another campus at the camp.  services will start sometime this fall & we are excited to get involved and be a part of this community of believers.  we have desperately been missing this in our lives since we moved here from lubbock. 

3. addison will be 2 at the end of this month…so hard to believe!  we will be spending her bday & labor day weekend in the austin area w/my brother & his family.  excited about that!

4. kamryn has 2 teeth now and is almost crawling.  any day now, we expect her to just take off.  she is also pulling up and jibber jabbering a lot.  SO adorable.

5. i’ve been sick since we returned from our san fran trip, so i have not ran in several days & its killing me!  i am excited to start our new training program to get ready for the next 1/2 marathon on our schedule…dallas white rock in december.  

6. last but not least, we tried a new ben & jerry’s flavor last night that is super good….cake batter.  oh my!  phish food is my all time fav, but this one ranks on up there.  in fact, its calling my name now…gotta go!


we made it home!  super tired today.  it was so good to see/hug/kiss my girls!  here are some random thoughts this morning…

*sitting in first class on the plane will spoil you for sure

*our bed always feels amazing after being away

*i love the smell of our house when we return from trips

*its amazing how much babies grow in a few short days

*traveling is tiring…i have a new respect for people that do that for a living

*ryan & i were not dreading coming home from vacation for once…we LOVE our girls, our jobs, our house and we were excited to return to our normal, simple life (which is a totally cool feeling btw)

*i definitely want to do san fran 1/2 marathon 2009

*we already have plans to do the 1/2 marathon in dallas in december and the 1/2 in austin in february…good to keep races on the calendar for motivation!

*looking forward to eating ryan’s burgers tonight & playing monopoly w/ross on our patio

*don’t look forward to unpacking & doing laundry

*studio java coffee is by far the best coffee…seriously…i know i’m partial, but really, it is.

here is a pic of my precious babies that my mom took while we were away…i just love it!!!

Our last night in the big city!

So last night, we went to Union Square and walked around, did some shopping, and ended up eating dinner on top of Macy’s at The Cheesecake Factory. We had a blast! We all ate SO much, we were ridiculously full. But we did save room for cheesecake at the end, of course. This morning, we got up and ran in Crissy Field, right on the bay overlooking Alcatrez and the Golden Gate Bridge. Great run! Now, we are getting ready to head to the airport….heading home to see my babies, yeah!!!  I miss them like crazy. We had such a great trip…I loved it.  I feel very blessed to have such an amazing family…they are seriously my best friends and we have so much FUN together and laugh a ton. Cool thing is…Ross is coming to stay with us in Q-town for the rest of the week as well. Here are the a few pics from our last night in San Fran…

Napa Valley

Yesterday, we went to Napa Valley. Wow, what a cool day!  Its beautiful out there. Hills and hills of grape vines. My sister has a friend that recommended a winery called V. Sattui, so we went to check it out. We had the tour, which was very interesting…there is SO much to making wine, its nuts. Then, we were able to taste – which was so much fun! We had a picnic lunch there as well. Here are some pics of this gorgeous place…

Chinese food & icecream

Tonight, after an afternoon of relaxing & napping to recover, we went out to dinner at PF Chang’s and then for icecream at ColdStone at this cool shopping and eating towncenter place called Bay Center not far from our hotel. Beef mongolian, honey-glazed chicken, lettuce wraps, fried green beans, and peking dumplings…oh my! It was SO good. I love this place. I’m never disappointed when we visit a Chang’s. We walked around and checked out the shops and then stopped for some ice cream. Now, back at that the hotel watching the Redskins! Yeah for football season starting back!!! A few pics from tonight…

Race Day

Well, I have to say that the San Francisco 1/2 Marathon was everything I hoped for & more…it was SO MUCH FUN.  We had an absolute blast.  The race/course/experience was awesome.  (Thanks Jen, my fav sister, for bringing all of us!)  All five of us exceeded our time goals regardless of the extreme hills we had to endure! We got there a little early this morning and had a great time hanging out by the portapotties.  Jen & I seriously had to go like 3-4 times before the race started.  I think its just knowing that you will be w/out that opportunity for about 2 hours while running does some serious psychological stuff to you! We laughed so much before the race, people probably thought we were nuts. I’m sure Ryan singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” loudly while we waited for our wave to start only added to that assumption that we were crazy!  Hey, we have fun…what can I say? The weather was chilly…low 50’s and windy.  Actually had to wear a long-sleeved running shirt…felt great!  The race itself didn’t seem to last very long at all.  Funny how when we run long runs at home, they take forever…but here it seemed like a snap.  OH, and guess who fell & busted it on the Golden Gate Bridge?  Yes, that would be me, little miss graceful.  For those of you that know me, you know that I’m pretty clutzy.  Not sure how I fell, but I tripped on something.  Probably a grate on the bridge caught my foot just the right way and I smashed into the pavement.  You know it must have been bad considering all the, “OH MY GOSHes” and “WHOA’s!” and other comments from fellow runners a long the way.  The poor guy next to me…I think it scared him to death.  Lovely! But I jumped up, shook it off, and kept going…bloody knees and all! I have a big bump on one knee from this little incident, but nothing major. My garmin watch got a little banged up too…but now I can say there is a little piece of the Golden Gate Bridge on it.  I’m sure if we had a video of it, it would be pretty stinkin hilarious now. Everyone on our team did SO good and I’m so proud of all of them.  It was a tough run, but it felt great.  Knowing that my amazing husband was waiting for me at the finish line always helps to keep me going.  Ryan did awesome today…his pace was 7:50!!! It was also so neat to have my Dad here.  He did such a great job and it made me so proud to see him running in to cross the finish line with a huge smile on his face.

Here are a few pics before & after the race…

San Fran: Day 1

This morning, after dropping off my babies with Grandma (I miss them so much already!), we drove to Dallas & met up with Ross, Ryan’s little brother who flew down from Virginia to meet us. We all got on a plane together & headed out to San Fran! Today has been a lot of fun. Catching up with Ross, laughing our heads off about stupid things, and eating AWESOME pasta. After arriving, we headed straight to the race expo on Embarcadero to pick up our packets, bibs & shirts. Tons of running vendors there. Then, we went to eat a Buca and had an amazing dinner…bruschetta, 2 kinds of pasta dishes, and HUGE chocolate cake. YUMMO. Now we are back at the hotel, just got done sitting in the hot tub to wind down and we shall head to bed early. We have 13.1 miles ahead of us tomorrow! Our race starts early early…have to get up around 4ish. Shouldn’t be too bad considering that is actually 6 Texas time. The first wave of runners (all the extremely fast people) starts at 5:30. How exciting…I’m already so anxious & kind of nervous! Side note: the weather here feels SOOO good. 50’s and 60’s. Awww! Nice break from the 100 degree humidity for sure. Here are a few pics from our first day. Stay tuned for more pics from the big day tomorrow at the race! Nighty night.

oh my goodness!!!

i am so excited….we leave TOMORROW!!!  i will try to post pics daily from the trip……woohooo!!!  can’t wait.

I will love you forever.

We have the children’s book, Love You Forever, and tonight Addi chose that book for me to read to her before she went to bed.  So…I have read this book before and have always thought it was really sweet.  But tonight was the first time I have actually read it with my child sitting in my lap.  I bawled like a baby!  If you haven’t read this book, you should.  Especially if you are a mother.  Now that I have kids of my own, I truly understand this kind of love…a mother’s love.  “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.”  


the dixon family, summer 2005…

the dixon family, summer 2006…

the dixon family, summer 2007…

the dixon family, summer 2008…

just keeps getting better & better!!!  i love my family & am so tremendously thankful & blessed.

in just a few days…

in just a few short days, we will be flying out to san francisco!  we’ve been waiting long & training hard for this trip…hard to believe its nearly here.  we plan to go to dallas on saturday, meet up w/ross (ryan’s little brother) who is flying in from virginia & meeting us at dfw, then all getting on a plane together to head to california!  we have reservations at buca di beppo (or as ryan calls it buca di pesto) for saturday night to get our “carb fix” for the run on sunday morning.  our 1/2 marathon starts early on sunday morning.  i’m going to be so nervous!  we are staying there until wednesday and then flying home.  i will miss my girls…but they will have their own vacation at grandma’s house.  the trip is going to be a blast.  i have a lot to do this week to prepare….laundry, packing, cleaning, etc.  how exciting…stay tuned for pics & updates!!!