Will never take it for granted!


When my girls were little, all I wanted to do was be able to work from home so that I could be with them more. I worked a typical corporate 8 to 5 cubicle style job for most of their babyhood and well past their toddlerhood. Sat at my desk most days always wishing there was something more. I worked hard but felt like I got no where. Financially…or in life. It always made me so sad to drop off two sweet baby girls at daycare in the morning and only have what seemed like a few minutes each night to really spend quality time with them. I struggled with this for years but thought that was just the way it was. We didn’t have another option. We had so much debt and way too many bills. I always prayed that God would somehow allow me that freedom. To open a door for my family. I love to work and always have, but just wanted something that would give me the freedom to do it from home. I prayed and prayed and searched and searched. Fast forward to today. I am overcome with joy and emotion as I think of all that God has done in our lives over the past several years. The things he has brought us through, both ups & downs. I am so incredibly grateful that I have found IT. To be able to work a job that I love from home or wherever I choose and set the hours I want. My kids can be with me when I work. I love this so much. I am also thankful that this job doesn’t feel like a job to me…I help people achieve goals and earn income doing it. It’s also allowed us to pay off debt and dream bigger than we’ve ever imagined. It really is my dream come true. To live more. Such freedom for which I will not take for granted and will count my blessings daily as I soak up making memories with my babies!




I have a friend who read a book called One Word That Will Change Your Life and told me all about it! In a nutshell it encourages you to pick just one word and let it guide you the entire year to help you simplify and go after your goals in all areas of your life. I decided to do this. I am all about setting goals and love the start of a fresh new year to go after brand new ones. Instead of making overwhelming resolutions I could potentially fail at, I decided to choose a word and let that push me to succeed in several areas and goals! I prayed about it and decided Traci’s word would be FOCUSED. Past tense because the end goal is to be more focused. That’s my destination (and my new hashtag). Let me explain…


  • I wanted to be more focused as a mom. I want to have time with my children where I fully focus on them and relish each moment with them as they are kids. Because as time has already proven, it speeds by. How are they already 7 & 8? I mean, really. Life is crazy and I love crazy. BUT. I want to slow down enough each day to have intentional focused time with my munchkins. It’s in those sweet moments where memories are made and hopefully impacts their hearts. I don’t want to miss it…at bedtime, reading a book, cuddling, playing a game of basketball, looking them in the eyes, holding their hand.
  • I want to be more focused as a wife. With Ryan & I both having our own businesses, we tend to be in “work mode” often. And we both enjoy working. However, I want to have even more time with my husband that is fully focused on us. Not our kids. Not our businesses. Not our long list of to do’s. Just us. Our friendship and our love. Date nights need to be just that. A night together to laugh, talk, look into each others eyes, and just be. Ryan deserves that from me. Our marriage deserves that. We do fairly well in this area but there is always room for improvement! I am blessed to have an amazing man who not only is my best friend but also business partner. I want to be able to fully focus on the most important part of our relationship as husband and wife first!
  • I want to be more focused in my business. Working from home is a total blessing of which I’ve dreamed about my whole life! I love what I do and the freedom it allows me. Wouldn’t trade it for anything! However, something I have learned about myself is that in order for me to truly focus and get more done, I have to do a few things. Which is my goal in this area for the year! That is to utilize my planner to help me plan out my weeks and months better. To make my list of things I need/want to accomplish and mark them off each day. If I don’t write it down, chances are, it’s not happening. I also have decided in order to focus fully on getting stuff done in my business, I work so much better from a coffee shop! When I’m at home, I sometimes get distracted by “home stuff”…i.e. laundry, dishes, my dog, the piles of toys, etc. But when I take my computer to the local coffee shop, I get a ton done and can intently focus on building my business. I love it. Plus the coffee is amazing and that’s always a perk! I have a big goals for my business in 2015, so being & staying FOCUSED is key.
  • I want to be more focused with my running. Last year, I ran. But honestly it was half-heartedly. I didn’t give it my all. I didn’t do it as much as I would have liked or pushed myself as hard as I could. The races I did were hard and I didn’t even really try. As I ran across the finish line of the Dallas Half in December, I determined then & there that I wouldn’t let another year pass like that. I know there will be a day when I’m older where running is a thing of the past….hopefully that day will be when I’m like 90! I want to relish in my runs all that I can. So this year, I am focused. Focused on getting better. Getting faster. Doing more. Running with purpose. It clears my mind, I get my best ideas while running, and have some of my best worship experiences. It’s my “Traci time.” I need this and it’s good for me! Dedicated to being more focused and the runner I know I can be.
  • Finally, but most importantly, I want to be more focused in my relationship with the Lord this year. I have started getting up early & I was not an early morning person! But slowly I’m becoming one. And loving it! I need to have more focused quiet times in the mornings to get my heart and focus where it needs to be each day. JESUS. When He is my focus, everything else falls as it should. I don’t let as many things affect me in a negative way, I’m a nicer and more patient momma when my girls wake up, I’m a better friend. I have determined that I can’t do this life thing by myself (duh) and God doesn’t expect me to. He’s there always and is continuously faithful. I need to let him guide my days instead of bringing him in on occasion when it’s convenient. He is bigger and greater than all things….I need him in ALL areas, not just a few.

My prayer at the end of 2015, as we are celebrating another year with our amazing friends & dancing the night away at our annual New Year’s Eve party, is that I’ll look back over the past 12 months and know that I FOCUSED on what’s most important. In each moment of each day of each month of the whole year. I want to make it count and live it to the fullest.

I challenge you to pick a word and join me in striving to be the best version of YOU that you can be this year! And I would LOVE to hear about it if you would be willing to share!

Much love,


Bundle up & get out there!

This morning as I sat in the warmth of my home under a blanket, I really didn’t feel like getting out to go run. It’s a cold day here in East Texas, the morning started out in the early 30’s! But I kept thinking to myself, I have a half marathon coming up in just a few short weeks – I have got to go run. I have a goal. So finally after much head debate, I got up and put my running clothes on. Long pants, a headband to cover my ears, gloves, a scarf. I bundled up and headed out the door grabbing my ear buds and a water. After getting to the trails and beginning my run, I was immediately glad I was there. It felt good. The sun was shining down on me and the beautiful colors of Fall just made it that much sweeter. I thought to myself as I was finishing up…how often do we allow the circumstances in life prohibit us from going after our goals? How often do we allow distractions, schedules, negativity, obligations, etc. hinder us from accomplishing action steps that get us closer to that goal? If you have something you are shooting for, I encourage you to keep going after it. Make time for it. Figure out how to make it work. Whether that goal is in regards to running, your career, your family, your walk with the Lord, whatever the case may be. Don’t give up on your goal! Whatever each day brings, don’t let the cold & wind get in your way. Bundle up & get out there! It will be well worth it. And remember, the journey to your goal is the most important part.  Much love, Traci


End of 2012 & 2013 happenings.

A lot has transpired over the past several weeks around here! I figured it was due time for a blog post full of updates. One of my goals for 2013 is to blog more as it really is a great release for me to type out thoughts on here!

So sit back, relax & prepare yourself for the whirlwind of happenings that have taken place or are currently taking place in the Dixon home…

1. We trained for 13 weeks with some members of my It Works team to run in the Dallas Half Marathon in December. We called the training program “13 weeks to 13.1” and it was so much fun! Every Saturday, we met together for our long runs. Ryan & I were both super proud of 4 friends that accomplished their very first half! Running is one of my favorite things to do and when you combine that with friends, it’s even better. We came back from this race & immediately registered for our next one – the Austin Half in February!

2. We decided this past summer at Ryan’s brother’s wedding that we wanted to throw a New Year’s Eve party for our friends. While we danced the night away at Ross & Bre’s reception, we laughed and had a blast. We decided then & there that we were going to plan a huge party to celebrate life with our friends and what better day to do it than New Years! So we did. For months we made plans, hired a DJ, found a location, created a menu, invited friends and my It Works team, bought decorations, etc. I love this kind of stuff so it was right up my alley! December 31st came and the night was just what we had hoped for – a night of dancing the night away, laughing, and an absolute blast. We even had party crashers coming over from the ballroom next door!

3. Two weeks prior to the end of the year, we got word from our landlord that he wanted to sell us the house we currently live in & absolutely love. This news was definitely an answer to prayer! We had asked him months before if it were an option as we were to a point that we wanted to buy instead of rent (thank you It Works!) and he wasn’t quite sure since he had just purchased the home less than two years ago. Ryan and I felt in our hearts that this home was made for us and our family but we began to look around at other homes for sale here in Tyler. We probably looked at 8-10 houses but nothing really stood out to us or felt right. Nothing compared to our current home. Then, we got that call one day that our landlord had been approached to buy another rental property and he felt it was a great time to sell this house to us so he could purchase the other one. Um, OK! We’ll take it. And so the last two weeks of the year, although crazy, we got everything together & prepared so we could close on December 31st. Yes, a lot happened that particular day! Closing at noon and party that night – wow.

4. The house was just another piece of the puzzle for one particular area of our life that we had been thinking and praying about for a while. For years, Ryan & I have talked about the possibility of adopting a son. But really that all it has ever been discussed as – just a possibility. Until really about 6 months ago. As most of you know, I started with the It Works company in January 2012. It has rocked our world and given us many opportunities for which we thank God for daily. We never thought we could ever afford to adopt…until now. God has also opened other doors along the way that has opened our eyes to this “possibility of adoption.” For one, we found out that Ryan’s company offers grants to employees who adopt. Another is the sweet friend I have made who is on my It Works team that used to be a social worker and has offered great advice and guidance. Third, our awesome cousins in Austin and other friends here in Tyler that have been such a great example to us as we have watched them adopt- what an amazing thing to watch unfold. And finally, hearing an Adoption message series from the Austin Stone Church a couple of months back. All of these things combined made us realize that God was saying – “it’s not a possibility, it’s a reality & the time is now.” Both Ryan & I feel at great peace about this decision and are thrilled for what’s to come and how God is going to work in our family’s life. We are praying now for our son – if he’s already out there, yet to be conceived or in the womb. The girls pray for their “baby brother” at night too, which melts my heart. We mailed off our pre-application forms today along with a required family pic (below) to the agency and would love and appreciate your prayers as we begin this journey to add to our family!

5. Ryan & I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary on January 4th. TEN YEARS?!!! Wow, that went incredibly fast. The past ten years have brought a lot of ups and downs but one thing has always remained the same – our love is STRONG. It’s amazing to me how easy it is to love this man, really. I couldn’t have ask for a better mate to spend my life with – my best friend, my partner, my lover. He and I go together like peanut butter & jelly. To celebrate, we went to a place we’ve wanted to go for a while…Sonoma Valley! We’ve been to Napa several times but had never ventured over to Sonoma. Being the foodies & wine connoisseurs that we are, we thought what better way to spend our anniversary than in a cottage in wine country, cooking & eating! We found the perfect spot near the Plaza – a quaint Victorian style cottage that was warm and cozy. The week was perfection and we thoroughly enjoyed the time away. It was a great start to a fresh year as we had time to fully focus on each other and set new goals for our marriage, our family, our businesses, running, etc. Cheers to another ten, babe!

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The skinny on what’s been going on…

I just wanted to update you all on our journey with It Works! Global. As you all know, I signed up as a distributor back in January. It has truly been an amazing ride! The opportunity to get in on the ground level of a Christian based company that is growing exponentially has been huge for our family. The company has grown over 400% since the beginning of the year. They set an annual goal of $100 million for 2012…it’s only July and we’ve already accomplished this mission! With our “first to market” product, the Ultimate Body Applicator, and our all-natural supplements, this company continues to grow & expand by leaps & bounds. The crazy part is, this is only the beginning of things to come! The market is not saturated by any means and there are still so many areas & people that have yet to hear about It Works!

Ryan & I have been thoroughly impressed with not only the products but the people in the company. The corporate leadership team truly cares about the distributors and strive to help us as much as they can achieve our goals. They provide all the tools you need to be successful in this business. They strive to help families get out of debt. They want to put cash in our pockets, not just reward distributors with cars or other gifts, which I like! The CEO & his wife are precious, Christian people (former teachers & coaches), that care & pray for us daily. They have a servant leadership perspective which is why I believe their company is so blessed. We just spent this last weekend in Florida at a corporate training event with all of these awesome people and are coming home pumped & inspired! We definitely feel we are in the right place at the right time.

I wanted to share this with you guys for two reasons. First, if any of you (or anyone you know) has an interest in joining my team & jumping on board this great opportunity, let me know! I would love to help you get started. I get excited to share about it and would be happy to call you or email info. It is changing our lives and the lives of several of our friends & family every day. We have been able to start multiple savings accounts, get out of debt, give more, and travel more! It all sort of feels surreal and we are so, so thankful. The thing I love is that you don’t have to be a salesperson to be successful- you just share & people want these amazing products! Second, please pray for Ryan & I as our business & team continues to grow. We want to be good stewards with what God has blessed us with. We cling to the verse in Luke, “to whom much is given, much is required” and want to honor God along this journey. We also want to be good leaders as we help others reach their goals in this company.

Thank you all so much for your support & prayers!