Art Contest

We love Addi’s school. It is an Arts Academy and promotes art & creativity in all they do. She gets to take dance, drama, music, and art every week. How cool is that? She enjoys these classes so much. Recently, they sent home a flyer about a school-wide art contest that they do every year. Addi is always a little nervous about entering into contests or playing games. She’s a perfectionist, doesn’t like to lose, and worries about every detail. (Not sure where she gets this from!) However when she heard that everyone that enters gets to attend an ice cream party, it was on. She was ready to get her creative on.

For this contest, you can submit a painting, a musical recording, do a dance, photography, etc. But the student has to do it all by herself. Addi chose to paint. We got her a blank canvas and let her have at it. Of course, Kam had to paint something too. (She’s a bit more free-spirited and carefree as you can see with her painting below.) Addi is so serious about everything she does. She worked on this piece for a couple of days, shed some tears of frustration if she “messed up”, and asked a billion questions about the contest and what was going to happen. I reassured her (a million times) that the beauty of art is that you can’t mess it up…you can make it however you want it and anything goes. It’s her canvas and every stroke she makes can be whatever color or shape she wants. She’s such a rule-follower and likes to color in the lines, so this was somewhat difficult for her to understand.

It turned out great. She was very proud of it and was excited to turn it in to her teacher. The painting is of her standing outside her house. She’s holding an umbrella and Bailey is next to her. The sun is shining (and smiling), there are flowers along the pathway and a rainbow in the sky. Oh, and don’t forget the pink heart clouds.

I love these artists, their personalities and their sweet little hearts! They are beautiful.

colored pages for sale.

Addi mentioned to us that she was coloring pages “to sell to people for money” so I decided to announce this to The World. She did mention that “Easton’s mom” was going to buy one. Please let Addi know if you’re interested. She’s selling these for “3 dollars to people”. Animals and aliens need not ask. I guess she’s trying to save up for her plot to take over the world or maybe invest in some new coloring books. Not sure really.

Art by Addi & Kam.

I have been on a quest lately to organize the completely and utterly out of control toy room. We have bought bin organizers, have plans to get a bookshelf to store the billions of books, and have donated (or trashed) some old baby toys. We’ve lived in our house for a year and a half and I have yet to really decorate the toy room. Well, this week with Ryan being off, we’ve gotten a ton of stuff done around here. It’s been awesome. I have finally hung some art in their room. We have been saving paintings that the girls have done over the past several months and gluing them on black matte board. Here’s what their “wall of art” looks like so far. Pretty neat to decorate their toy room with their very own art!  Quite the artists, if I do say so myself!


The moment I saw this statue at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, I hated it. Do you really think this depicts Christ? I figured I’d share my disgust with you. Thoughts?


Ryan has been working on painting the girls pictures for their room. I love them so much! A few weeks back, he added the fruits of the spirit – how neat is that? Here is a pic of what they are looking like thus far…I think he’s just about done.










Fruits of the Spirit. I’ve been pondering on these words the last few days. Do I exhibit gentleness when someone cuts me off in traffic? Do I really have self-control? Do I show love to those around me? Even to those that don’t show it in return? Am I patient when my kids are throwing fits at Target?

Wow, I so want & desire to be/have all of these things. But alone, I just can’t. I’m a human, what can I say? But thankfully, because of the SPIRIT that resides within me, I can be kind when I want to yell. I can have joy, when my heart is breaking. I can have peace in times of turmoil. God is awesome like that. The older I get the more I realize how much I truly need the Lord. Daily. In every single area of my life. And the more I press into and focus on Him, the more fruit I will bear. More of Him, less of me.

I am thankful for the fruits of the Spirit and I want to be more fruity!

I am special because Jesus loves me.

Check out these mad coloring skills! Addi is learning to stay within the lines. I love her because she is mine! I have this posted at my desk to remind me that the reason my Father loves me, is because I’m His. He loves me not because I have mad skills worthy of His love or acceptance. He doesn’t love me because I am great at staying within the lines (sin management). He loves me because I’m His. What a simple and awesome relief!

Paintings for my girlies (updated)

I have had some time today to work on the longest painting project I’ve ever embarked on. Sheech! Not sure why it’s taking so long. I have finally put the fruits of the Spirit in which I have been meaning to do for some time now. I’m hoping it will be a great reminder to my princesses as they grow up as the attitude and character of Christ is absolutely what we should model and I know I need this constant visual reminder when raising these filthy sinners! Here is the version I posted a while back. It’s about 90% now. Have I ever said that I love to get lost in music and painting before? Man! Love it!

Paintings for my girlies (unfinished)

I began these paintings around the beginning of the year and am yet to finish them. I have had some time to concentrate on them this week and wanted to share. Lots of girlie-ness and a stray from my norm.  I am always adding and changing but as of now I would say that I’m about 80% finished. I traced their hands to form the big pink flowers. Addi’s is the bigger, Kam’s is the little one. I will upload the final product when I get it finished.

T-shirt Designs

I have been working towards getting some t-shirts designed by a cool company called Threadsless T’s. I have sent in a few design submissions but have yet to have one chosen for print. The best part is that if the design receives a high enough score and Threadless ultimately likes it, the designer is awarded money! Yay for money! So here are my latest design submissions. Please check them out and vote accordingly. The best score that any one can give is to check the “I’d by it as a tee” and then the number 5, being the best (in that order). Thanks for your help. Also, if you ever think of any original t-shirt ideas that you think might make it, pass them along and I’ll pen them for you and we could split the prize if it wins :)