double shot day for me

kamryn is teething & didn’t sleep hardly at all last night.  in fact, we were up more than we were asleep! yikes. makes for a long day!  the best sleep i got was from 5-6:30 this morning.  our coffee shop opens at 7.  so needless to say, i had a double shot white rasberry mocha this morning & chances are…i’ll have another soon!


here is a sweet picture of kamryn & my mom that was taken at leslie’s baby shower.  my mom is such an awesome grandmother to my girls…they LOVE to go see “gan-maw.”  and they kind of like their “pa-paw” too. of course they aren’t spoiled rotten by them at all!  when either of them walk into the room, my girls faces light up.     

yes, Jesus loves me!

tonight, i was getting addi ready for bed.  she was laying on her bed after i changed her diaper and i asked her, like i do frequently, “who loves you?”  usually she will say, “mama” or “daddy” or “maw-maw” or someone in the family.  and i usually always follow that by saying, “mama loves you this much” as i spread my arms open as wide as they will go and then grab her & hug her tight.  well tonight when i asked,”who loves you?” she responded without any hesitation, “Jesus!” a huge smile came across my face as i responded, “that is right baby!  Jesus loves you so much.”  how stinkin awesome is that???  it was a reminder to me that she is a sponge…soaking up everything she sees & hears.  she’s recently learned the song, Jesus loves me and has been singing it.  it also reminded me of how much Jesus loves ME & everything he has done for me…sometimes when life drags me down, i tend to forget that. addi is an amazing little girl.  i love my sweet babies & the things they teach ME daily.   

us in action!!!

i LOVE that my husband & i run together!  i love that we share that as our hobby.  its so much fun & he totally encourages me & inspires me to push myself harder.  here are a few pics that were taken of us during the 15k this past weekend…


i made pesto this past weekend and it was great!  here’s the recipe i used…from food network’s tyler florence. instead of rubbing it on bread, i actually put it on pizza & it was awesome.  i am going to make this bread this weekend though.  just thought i’d share!!!

Too Hot to Handle

We ran in the Too Hot to Handle 15K (a little over 9 miles) today in Dallas around White Rock Lake.  It was HOT but fun!  Ryan blazed it & whooped us all with his 7:35 pace.  Its so awesome to have a running team consisting of my husband, sister & dad!  And my brother-in-law Ross is meeting up with us from Virginia for the San Fran race…which by the way is in 2 weeks.  Here are some pics of us this morning w/all the other crazy fools that came out for this race in the heat of summer…

our little redskin

ryan bought the girls t-shirts that say, “my first redskins tee” on the front.  super cute.  ryan & i also have some new shirts on the way for us as well…getting ready for football season!  it doesn’t get ANY cuter than this…

bu-bee showa

went to my friend leslie’s baby shower tonight.  addi was SO excited to go.  she kept saying, “bu-bee showa” over and over again all afternoon.  of course, she has no idea what a baby shower is…but she knew we were going with grandma and she knew there would be cake, so she was pumped!  anyways, leslie’s baby is due next month & we are so excited for them!  they are having a little boy and naming him reed (is that the way you spell it leslie?).  we are having a blast being surrounded by so many babies for our babies to play with! here’s a pic of leslie, me & kamryn after i stuffed my face with awesome cake…

cute hooded towels!

my friend kelly sews these really cute hooded towels for kids.  i love them!  the towels are big and soft w/an adorable printed hood sewn on to keep the babies snugly after their baths.  i was able to select the colors & print she used and she made them for me.  here’s my little model to show you what ours look like….

correction to previous post

kamryn DOES have a tooth!  my sweet little kam kam has her very first tooth.  how exciting!  teething has got to be so painful.  poor baby…mommy is so proud of you & your bitty tooth.

randomness for the day

-i don’t like squirrels.  they scare me.  they make a freaky noise & i don’t like how they stop suddenly, stare at you and then take off.  freaks me out.

-my girls are so different.  addi has basically had all of her teeth since birth & kam still doesn’t have any & she is almost seven months.

-lunch meat cut too thick is nasty.  

-is too much basil bad for you?  i put it in almost everything i cook these days!

-our san fran trip is less than 3 weeks away…can’t wait!

-why would a lightening strike cause the phone to ring?

-church this past sunday was encouraging…a good reminder that even when you feel as though God is not there…He is there & He is in control & knows what the heck He is doing…and “when all is stripped away” is when all you have to rely on is God & that is a GOOD thing.

-ryan & i are addicted to “next food network star”…we look forward to sundays at 9 & watching this show together….who will be kicked off next???  

-my next recipe i want to try…pesto.

-my run last night…3 miles at 8:29 pace.

-football season is drawing near – WOOHOO!  go redskins.  go tech.

-can’t wait for fall: cooler running weather, camping w/my hubby, monday night football, walks with my girls, enjoying hot coffee on a cool morning!

-wanted to go see coldplay in dallas in november, but tickets are well over $100 already.  bummer!  too much for us.

our nightly routine

we have our a pretty standard nightly routine in our household: dinner, baths, playing in addi’s room, reading books, rocking addi, feeding kamryn her bottle, saying night night prayers, putting the girls to bed around 8. i love our routine.  its a great feeling to spend time together as a family & then successfully put them to bed. its funny how you feel such an accomplishment when your kids are fed, bathed, and snuggly in their beds sleeping sweetly. when all is quiet & peaceful, ryan have the rest of the evening to ourselves. which we love & look forward to daily! we usually watch food network, sit on our deck, surf on our computers, and just hang out together & chat.  i love my family. i feel very blessed!

13.1 miles

today was a big day for me.  i’ve been training now for months for the upcoming san francisco 1/2 marathon, along with ryan, my sister, dad & brother-in-law. today is the last (hard to believe), the very last really long run (over 10) before the actual race!  i got up at 5:45, threw on my running clothes, went to strategically place water in a place on my route where i could refuel, ate 1/2 an energy bar, and i was off!  13.1 miles & a little over 2 hours later, i made it back home.  i have to say, i actually teared up a little when i finished! i am ready. san francisco here i come!!!

grilled pizza with the vanders

last night, we had the vanderschaaf’s over for a “make your own pizza” and “swimming in addi’s froggie pool” night.  the pizza was yummy & the girls had a blast playing together!  we have found that grilling our pizzas gives them such awesome flavor!  and they tasted even better thanks to the fresh basil that i was able to pick from MY very own basil plant (thanks jennifer).  i’m thinking about starting an herb garden…maybe this basil plant will inspire me…if i can keep it alive!  

addi & her aunt jen

addi LOVES her aunt jen.  and one day, when kam gets a little older, she will adore her as well.  she’s an awesome aunt & spoils them rotten!  here are some sweet pics of them together.

grilled chicken w/lemon spaghetti

this was SO good & very healthy!  one of our fav’s.  here is the recipe…

grilled chicken:

season with salt, pepper, garlic & herb seasoning, a little lemon pepper & EVOO & grill

lemon spaghetti:

copy this link…,,FOOD_9936_26916,00.html

proud mommy

ok, i have to brag on my 22 month old.  she amazes us at how smart she is!  granted, we are not around a ton of kids, so we aren’t sure what is “normal” for this age.  but addi seems to be very quick for a little girl that’s not even 2!  she can officially count to TEN – one through ten – perfectly.  she knows how to sing her abc’s.  its not perfect, but the tune is right on!  she knows words that i have no idea how she learned them. two examples, the other day we were watching tv & she yelled out, “wheat!” and i swear, i looked and there was a guy on a tractor in a huge field of wheat!  how the heck does she know what wheat is?  i certainly have never talked about wheat with her.  another example, while i was in new york, ryan was telling addi while putting her to bed that mommy would be home when she wakes up the next morning.  he said she looked at him and said, “traci?”  WHAT???!!!  my daughter called me by my first name.  hopefully she will never call me “traci” to my face…its mommy & mommy only! she is just talking so well & we are proud parents!  she cracks us up daily…we never know what to expect.  this age is definitely very fun!  trying at times, for sure, but much fun.  here’s a pic from our work day at the coffee shop…

stuffed pizza

last night, i cooked stuffed pizza & it was delicious!  thought i’d share the recipe…

1 small onion chopped

1 green bell pepper chopped


3 or 4 cloves of garlic chopped fine

sliced olives

2 tomatoes diced

bunch of basil chopped

extra-virgin olive oil

1/4 cup of red wine

pre-cooked pizza crust

spaghetti sauce of your choice

sliced fresh mozzarella cheese 

bag of shredded mozzarella cheese

salt & pepper

Stirfry the onion & bell pepper in some EVOO until onions are clear.  Stir in pepperoni, garlic, olives, tomatoes, red wine, part of the basil, and salt & pepper to taste.  Turn down to low, cover & let simmer for thirty minutes.  Place pre-cooked pizza crust in pie dish & layer with slices of mozzarella cheese.  Then top with veggie mixture & the shredded mozzarella.  Last, spoon on spaghetti sauce & top with a few pieces of basil & fresh mozzarella.  Bake for about 30 minutes on 350 until bubbly.  Enjoy!!!