Story Cast – Brand new Podcast Launch!



You guys, I’m so excited to announce something!!!

About a year ago, I felt like God was telling me to do something…share more, be more, give more, lead more. I wasn’t quite sure what that something was specifically…until one day, when I was chatting with my sweet friend Rebecca over coffee. She had been feeling similar feelings! We talked through it and it hit us. What if we started a podcast? To do all of the things listed above. Is that crazy???

We started dreaming and making plans and it all came together quickly. We are THRILLED to see what God will do through this in 2016. So, here we go…Story Cast has officially launched as of January 4th! You can check out the Story Cast website here.

“Story Cast provides a stage where women share their unique stories. The mission is to build a community of women who gather together weekly to laugh, cry, and encourage one another to be confident in who God made them to be, to live life to the fullest and embrace each small or big moment given, and to realize their stories matter.” 

We hope you’ll listen in! But most of all, we hope this will be a bright way to start your week & be a source of inspiration for you. It will be launching on iTunes soon as well, so you can subscribe!

Here’s to 2016 being a fabulous year filled with many incredible stories, friends.

Much love, Traci

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