Miles Clark


Baby boy was originally scheduled to arrive via c-section on October 30th. But he had other plans in mind!

The day before his arrival, I woke up feeling fabulous. I went and worked all day long at my favorite coffee house downtown. I was productive and felt better than I had in weeks! Side note: My mom says this is always a sign of impending labor when you are 9 months along.

Then later that night BAM!, I started feeling miserable. I laid on the couch groaning and whining driving my hubs crazy. Decided to head to bed and we watched an episode of Seinfeld. {Which can we just talk about how awesome this show still is? After all these years, it’s still hilarious and is one of the best shows ever created.} Right after turning the lights off and giving Ryan a good night smooch, I laid my head on the pillow. When I was dozing off, around 10:3ish, my water broke! We jumped out of bed and I called my mom. It was time!

Mom came over to get the girls and Ryan & I headed straight to the hospital. I could tell things were happening fast. After circling the ER entrance a few times out of pure confusion on where the heck to go, we finally figured it out and went in. Funny how your brain doesn’t work the same when in slight panic mode. We got checked in and to the room. The nurses hooked me all up and sure enough I was having pretty strong contractions and already dilated. Our room filled up with family and friends as we waited for the doctor and next steps. The excitement was building…we were about to meet our first son!

It was after midnight, they got me back to the cold operating room and Miles Clark Dixon was born at 12:46 on October 21st! 8 pounds of pure sweetness.

There really is nothing like the experience of birthing a child. We were and continuously are in awe of God’s creation. Miles is a gift from above and we are beyond grateful. Our hearts are overflowing for love for our boy!


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