Addi’s Dance Improv

Every year at Addi’s school, they have the opportunity to enter a piece of art into a contest. Addi always wants to do it because 1. she LOVES to create stuff and 2. if you enter, you get to attend the ice cream party – hello! most important reason, right here.┬áHere was the post from last year and her painting that ended up going all the way to state! I can’t believe how tiny my babies look in that post – geez, how quickly they grow in a year’s time. Ok, so. Prepare yourself. Here is this year’s submission. She chose to make up her own dance routine for her art this go round. We played this song maybe 3 times to let her rehearse and practice. She called me into the room when she was ready and I hit record. This is what happened…

Addi’s Art Project

Can you believe that? I had to pick my jaw up off the floor! I know I’m partial, but seriously…I was AMAZED. I showed Ryan and he was blown away. Pure, raw, natural talent right there. And all improv! I’m one proud momma.

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