Give me a push.

We went for a run a few mornings ago and then let the girls ride their bikes afterwards. They love to ride bikes at the trails. Their little legs get quite a workout! Towards the end of our loop around the park, Addi was getting tired and would ask me for a push. I would gently push her along and she would peddle for a while and then need another push. Kam is pretty fearless when it comes to riding bikes…she whips around, goes up & down hills like nobody’s business. Addi on the other hand it a bit more timid, we really have to coach and encourage her. It constantly amazes me how different our girls are.

Anyways, as I walked along side my babies that day, I got to thinking. I hope & pray I can always be there for my girls when they need a little push in life. Those times when things get downright hard, when they set a goal to accomplish something, when their hearts get broken, there’s a big test at school, a friend lets them down, they lose the game, they want to try something new, etc. I want to be there for them when they need me most. To help them keep going. To press into Christ, learn from mistakes, grow in trials, and move on. To keep on keepin’ on, as my Dad used to say. We tell our girls all the time, “Dixons don’t give up!” I want to encourage them to be the best they can be while loving them the best that I can. I want to motivate them to achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals. I want them to know that mommy loves them no matter what and I will always be there to give them a little push when they need it.

I love these two and thank God for them and the way they push me to strive to be a better person.

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