East Coast Tour Stop 1: Birmingham, AL

We had such an awesome time on our massive road trip! Surprisingly, we actually loved driving. We didn’t know what to expect, but it really wasn’t bad at all! The girls were so good and we had a ton of fun at each of our destinations along the way. As promised, I’m posting a series of blog posts on each of our 5 stops.

We left Tyler on late Thursday afternoon, after Princess Dance Camp. (Side note: How stinkin cute are these 2? Hannah is one of Addi’s BFF’s and they attended this camp together & had a great time.)

Anyways we got on the road after dance camp and a crazy busy/stressful day for Ryan. We popped 2 Confianzas and drove all the way to Birmingham, Alabama – our first of many stops. To kick off our trip, we decided to stop for dinner and have some true Louisiana cuisine. Aaaaahhh yes, Chickfila. What? Who doesn’t crave Chickfila on every single road trip? It has to be done. Local cajun food? Nah, give me waffle fries and honey mustard.

Louisiana on to Mississippi. It was neat crossing the Mississippi River, which I learned was the largest river system in North America. Bridges amaze me. To think of all the work, design, architecture that goes into building a structure that safely transports humans across a body of water – it’s astounding. I sort of wanted to get out & run across it, but realized that might not be the safest idea.

From about Jackson, Mississippi on to Alabama, it was dark so we couldn’t see much. Ryan and I had some great talks while the girls slept. We tend to solve all the world’s problems on the road. We brainstorm, make plans, set goals, talk about frustrations and things we’ve learned, etc. I love these sweet times with my husband. Two exciting things did take place during the course of the evening. First, we hit, or should I say exploded, an armadillo. I guess when this happens in Texas, it’s not quite as dramatic – they just roll over, legs up. But in Mississippi, this little guy didn’t stand a chance…it was like one of those alien scenes on Men in Black. Bam – a million splattered pieces. Good thing the girls were asleep while Ryan and I gagged for about ten minutes. Second exciting thing…I downloaded the ever popular app, Instagram and started using it on every photo for the entirety of the trip. I get to choose a cool background scheme or frame for each one? Neat! Why have I not done this sooner? It enhanced my already obsessive compulsive desire to photograph every single thing. My family loves and is never annoyed by this. Ever. Instagram Exhibit A: here’s what the trip from MS to AL looked like…

Thank the sweet Lord for creating coffee beans. We arrived in Birmingham well after midnight. I walk in to check us in and there is literally no one to be seen in the lobby or front desk. I stood there. And stood there. And stood there. I called the hotel and the phone at the front desk rang and rang and rang and rang. I was totally creeped out and felt like I was on a scary movie or Punked. I called again. I stood there some more. FINALLY…someone came around the corner (from a smoke break) to check me in. Clearly, he was not aware that we just traveled clear across America, for the love.¬†We checked in and crashed out! The next morning, we enjoyed a yummy breakfast before mommy had to get to work. These girls are pure sunshine.

I had an appointment with a salon regarding It Works. After a great meeting, they signed up to join my team! I just love this company and how many new people I’m getting the opportunity to meet. The products are awesome, but the people make it so fun! After a few more stops in AL, we hit the road again headed to Asheville, North Carolina…which we L-O-V-E-D.

Stay tuned for more Instagram goodness headed your way!

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