Road Trip 2012

Tomorrow afternoon, we will head out on to the open road for the mother of all road trips. 2,500 miles. 6 states. 10 days. 2 kids. 1 car. We may have lost our minds. Prayers are much appreciated!

A night in Birmingham, Alabama, weekend in Asheville, North Carolina, most of the week in Lorton, Virginia, a couple of days in Chattanooga, Tennessee, one night in Jackson, Mississippi and then back to the great state of Texas. This trip is part work/mostly fun. Ryan will be working remotely, like usual. I have some appointments for my It Works! business along the way. We are pumped to see the mountains. We are looking forward to spending time with family in VA and TN. The girls are stocked up with coloring books, brand new crayons, movies loaded on the iPad, snacks galore, new batteries for their Leapster Explorers, books, map of the USA, etc. They are all set. Plus, they couldn’t be more excited to “stay in hotels and swim.” I’m personally looking forward to exploring states I have never been to, tasting new food and seeing more of God’s beautiful creation. I plan to write a blog post about each city we stay in, so stay tuned to hear all about our adventure!

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