Train Trip

The last email I got from my Dad was on a Thursday. He passed away that Friday. Here’s the last part of his email…

If we ever get the chance to do the train ride to Dallas thing – it is great!  I am pretty sure your girls would be bored to death with the 6th Floor Museum though, so something else would have to be done to entertain them for the 4 hours in downtown.  You and Ryan would love the trip, the museum.  Of course, you would need me to go so you would have a tour guide.  :)

Have a great Thursday.  I love you much.

This email has remained in my Inbox for nearly two years. I can’t delete it. I know I never will. It’s a great reminder to me to make the most of each day we are blessed with. Because we may never get the chance to _____ fill in the blank. Today is a gift the Lord has given, make the most of every opportunity. I love & miss my Dad greatly & cherish all he taught me.

Tomorrow, we are taking that train ride. In honor of my Mom’s birthday, the whole fam is taking a train from Mineola to Dallas. It will be a special day & I’m excited to celebrate with my Mom who I am so thankful for. We’ll go visit that 6th Floor Museum. Then we’ll head on to eat lunch in the West End & spend the afternoon in downtown Dallas before hopping back on the train back home. I am pumped about this memory maker. Although, it makes my heart sad that Dad won’t be there as our tour guide…it makes me SO happy to know that one day when we all get to heaven, he’ll be waiting. And he will give us one heck of a tour up there, no doubt.

Pics to come!

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