I just love you so much.

We have designated every Wednesday night as “Dixon Family Night” in 2012. It was one of Ryan & I’s New Year’s resolutions – to set aside one night each week that we marked on our calendar and would not schedule anything with anyone else on that particular night. These nights would be different than other regular nights filled with homework, reading, chores, laundry, etc- we would specifically do something fun & different together. Just our little family.

We have done a variety of different things thus far. Sometimes we stay home and play games like Trouble or Hi Ho Cherry-O. Sometimes we rent a new movie, put on cozy pj’s and munch on popcorn as we all snuggle on the couch together. Sometimes (like tonight) we go out for ice cream and to the Just a Dollar store to let the girls pick out one treat each…”anything you want in the whole entire store!” It’s very exciting as you can imagine. ;) We have really enjoyed these nights and cherish the special memories that we are making with our girls at this age.

Tonight as we were sitting in TCBY enjoying our yummy frozen treat, Kamryn randomly looked up with watery eyes and her chocolate covered mouth and said, “Mommy, I’m so glad you are my Mommy. And Daddy, I’m so glad you are my Daddy. I think I’m gonna cry because I just love you so so much!” Melt my heart. The girl literally had tears welling up in her eyes as she spoke. Here was our sweet four year old daughter expressing how much she loved us and how thankful she was that we were her parents. PRECIOUS. What a sweet moment & one that I want to remember (especially when she becomes a teenager!)…so I came right home and documented here on our blog.

Baby girl, I thank God everyday He gave us you & Addi and let us be your parents! What a great blessing and amazing gift. I just love you so much too.

My heart is full.

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