Christmas, New Years & 21 Miles.

I love the holidays and all they entail. Starting with Thanksgiving through the New Year, I love all of it so much! Celebrating all we have to be thankful for to celebrating our Savior’s birth to celebrating a brand spanking new year, what’s not to love?! The holidays are much fun. Family traditions, no school, hot chocolate, parties, Christmas music, feasts, gifts, memories, lights, pie, movies, late nights, game nights, naps, and the list goes on and on. It has been a great two weeks.

And then…today arrives. The day that seemed so far away a couple of weeks ago but has somehow snuck up on us. School day. Oh boy, you would have thought we were causing Addi physical pain this morning as we drug her out the door and took her to school. The girl was not at all excited. She didn’t like getting up out of bed early. She didn’t like not being able to watch an entire movie while eating her breakfast slowly. She didn’t want to actually put on clothes and fix her hair. She didn’t want to go to computer lab. Poor baby was not a happy camper! But, I feel pretty certain that come 3 o’clock when I pick her up, she will be all smiles and in love with school again. But it is hard getting back in the groove of our normal routine!

A quick update on running. We are less than 2 weeks out from our marathon. We ran our last long training run this past Friday – 21 miles. TWENTY ONE MILES. Oh my word, it was tough. So hard. 16 wasn’t bad. 18 was even manageable. But 21 was very challenging. We did have some factors going into it that worked against us though. Lack of sleep the night before, lots of excess holiday eating, and running the same route as the previous long runs but adding in an extra mile here & there to meet our distance goal was a mental roadblock. This was honestly the first run during our training that I really wasn’t sure if I was going to make it the entire way. But we did it! I’m thankful for Ryan & our friend Christy – I couldn’t have done it without them. But here’s the good news. We have two weeks of easy running (a.k.a. tapering). We gladly welcome that and hope to be reminded during these 3 & 5 milers of the reasons why we love to run. Also, Houston is FLAT while Tyler is NOT. Training here hopefully has better prepared us to run 26.2 with a bit more ease. All in all, I feel ready.

I’ll leave you with some random shots from the holidays. Happy 2012 friends! I’m excited about another great year together. Much love!


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