Kam’s Hot Chocolate Birthday Party

A few months back, Kam informed me that she wanted to have a “hot chocolate” birthday party. Easy enough! So this past weekend, my baby turned 4 and we had her a partay. Did you hear that? MY BABY TURNED 4, PEOPLE!

This sweet litttle bundle who just looked like this yesterday…

Now looks like this today…

I think as soon as you become a parent, you enter into some kind of weird warped time zone. Seriously, I’m amazed at how fast it goes and at the same time challenged to cherish each precious minute of each day! Anyways, enough of the sappy mommy talk (before I start crying!) and on to the birthday party.

A hot chocolate birthday party is what she wanted, so a hot chocolate birthday party is what she got! After all, it’s not everyday YOUR BABY TURNS FOUR. Here’s what we did to celebrate. On the invite, we told everyone to come in their pajamas to the party – since it was a mid-morning party on a Saturday, we thought this would be appreciated! Each of the kids got to decorate a chocolate cupcake to enjoy along with their cup of homemade hot cocoa in a snowman mug. We had a buffet of marshmallows, peppermint sticks, mini M&M’s, different colors of icing, and holiday sprinkles. I also made marshmallow snowmen (thanks Pinterest), which were a hit! After this fine dining experience a.k.a getting hopped up on sugar (sorry mommy friends), we had storytime. Ryan read one of our kid’s favorite books called Snowmen at Night. Then, we went on a snowman hunt (thanks to my friend Rach for this fun idea). I printed out blue snowmen and hid them all around the house. I told the kids that last night, twenty snowmen had snuck into our house & hid (you know…as a follow-up to Snowmen at Night) and they had to help find them before they melted! Then, it was time to open gifts & pass out goodie bags. Each kid was able to take home their snowman mug too.¬†All in all, I think it was a fun party & Kamryn had a great time and felt special. Addi said it was the best party ever! Love that my girls appreciate such simple things like hot chocolate.

Happy birthday to the sweetest four year old ever!

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  1. This looks like snow much fun and my girls birthday is in January
    so I would love to try and duplicate this fun party hope to be able
    to find everything since Christmas is over:/

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