Marathon in ONE MONTH!

One month from today, we will run 26.2 miles in Houston. ONE MONTH!!! 26.2 MILES!!! I may have lost my ever loving mind.

Crazy that we received this email back in June and the marathon seemed so far away then. Time, as usual, has flown by and we here we are just a few short weeks away!

Training has been going well. Life is busy and it’s been hard to stick to the schedule completely. We’ve made adjustments here and there to do what we could. But overall, I think we are right on track. Last weekend we ran 16, which has been our furthest run yet!

Here’s what we have left pre-race:

  • Week of Dec 12 (this week): 5 on Tues, 9 today (on the treadmill since it’s raining, ugh), 18 on Sun
  • Week of Dec 19: 5 on Mon, 10 on Wed, 4 on Fri, and 21 on Sat (this will be our longest pre-race)
  • Week of Dec 26: 5 on Mon, 10 on Wed, 4 on Fri, and 10 on Sat (tapering begins – YAY!)
  • Week of Jan 2: 3 on Mon, 5 on Wed, 3 on Fri, and 5 on Sat
  • Week of Jan 9: 3 on Mon, 3 on Wed, 2 on Fri (this will be my favorite week)
  • January 15: RACE DAY!
Headed out now to take Kam to school and shocker…run! Please pray for us & the rest of our team that we can complete these last few weeks of training injury-free & can complete this marathon feat successfully. Thanks friends.┬áCan’t wait to mark this off the bucket list and get that 26.2 sticker for my minivan. High 5 to the sky!
Run for Sight 5K, Dec. 3rd

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