Simple Christmas.

As Christmas approaches, school is winding down, and some major life changes are headed are way, things have been on the brink of nutso around the Dixon casa to say the least. Add into that bowl of craziness: training for our marathon (that is in just over a month), my acquiring another client starting in January (yay!) and leading our Community Group this semester…wow, we’ve been slammed. I told Kam yesterday, while we were out and about running errands, that mommy needed a vacation. She agreed and so I asked her where should we go, to which she replied, “the park!” Not really the kind of vacation I was thinking, but I love how easy she is to please!

Don’t get me wrong, I am SO not complaining – all of the above has been great stuff. Ryan and I have felt so humbled lately by God’s goodness amongst all the appointments, meetings, long runs, homework, and shopping. He has truly blessed us and we are incredibly thankful. In awe really. Through the good times and the bad, God is consistently there loving us and providing for our needs. His love is overwhelming and His grace and mercy abounds.

During this season, my prayer is that my family and I can take a “vacation.” Not go anywhere or do anything, but simply escape the craziness for a few days and center our full attention on Him and each other. Uninterrupted, quality time. No schedules or places to be. Just really enjoy Christmas for what it’s supposed to be. Spend time together as a family as we celebrate our Savior. I also pray that we can teach our children about generosity – and how giving can be even more fun than receiving.

Here’s is a video that I recently saw on Facebook and wanted to share. Such a sweet reminder. Much love, dear friends. Merry (Simple) Christmas to you all!

Simple Christmas

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  1. You are reading my mind! I have a very similar post going up this weekend with that video! That was the church I went to before I joined FBC a couple of months ago. This totally resonated with my heart. Love you friend!

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