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We love Addi’s school. It is an Arts Academy and promotes art & creativity in all they do. She gets to take dance, drama, music, and art every week. How cool is that? She enjoys these classes so much. Recently, they sent home a flyer about a school-wide art contest that they do every year. Addi is always a little nervous about entering into contests or playing games. She’s a perfectionist, doesn’t like to lose, and worries about every detail. (Not sure where she gets this from!) However when she heard that everyone that enters gets to attend an ice cream party, it was on. She was ready to get her creative on.

For this contest, you can submit a painting, a musical recording, do a dance, photography, etc. But the student has to do it all by herself. Addi chose to paint. We got her a blank canvas and let her have at it. Of course, Kam had to paint something too. (She’s a bit more free-spirited and carefree as you can see with her painting below.) Addi is so serious about everything she does. She worked on this piece for a couple of days, shed some tears of frustration if she “messed up”, and asked a billion questions about the contest and what was going to happen. I reassured her (a million times) that the beauty of art is that you can’t mess it up…you can make it however you want it and anything goes. It’s her canvas and every stroke she makes can be whatever color or shape she wants. She’s such a rule-follower and likes to color in the lines, so this was somewhat difficult for her to understand.

It turned out great. She was very proud of it and was excited to turn it in to her teacher. The painting is of her standing outside her house. She’s holding an umbrella and Bailey is next to her. The sun is shining (and smiling), there are flowers along the pathway and a rainbow in the sky. Oh, and don’t forget the pink heart clouds.

I love these artists, their personalities and their sweet little hearts! They are beautiful.

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