Addi’s First Protest Letter

We got home from our fabulous New Hampshire trip last night after flying all…day…long…and when we walk in the door my Mom catches us up on what’s been going on with the girls while we’ve been gone. Then she proceeds to hand me this handwritten, very passionate & opinionated note (while totally cracking up).

Apparently while at school yesterday, Addi was presented with the opportunity to participate in karate. And apparently she does NOT want to participate in karate. AT ALL. Little Miss Addison Dixon wrote the following letter to her teacher.


If you want to go to karate stand up. If you want to stay in class sit down. Karate is a bad choice. You hit and kick. You have to be safe and responsible and respectful. Big kids can but little should not. Addison does not want to go to karate. I’m going to stay in the class and learn. Addison wants to do a dance recital. Gramma had a long talk with me about karate and we decided not to do it for now.


How awesome is that?! I’m sure her teacher got a big kick out of that this morning when Addi waltzed into class and handed it to her. I definitely had to “scrapbook” this to show her when she grows up! Her first official protest letter. I have to say, reading this made me so so proud. After laughing and being impressed with her writing skills, I was proud to see that she is fully prepared to stand up to what she believes in! If she feels karate is a bad choice because you kick and hit, then she will not do it. She would rather stay in class and learn. Hahaha, that’s my girl!

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