Running for my heart’s sake.

Yesterday, I set out for a run. Dropped Kam off at her pajama/pizza party day at school and headed to the trails. It was chilly out (yay!) and windy. I was really looking forward to running. This hasn’t happened in a while, honestly. For those of you who run and have endured this blazing summer – you know what I mean. Now that it’s Fall, you actually want to run again. So I hit play on my iPod filled with the new Coldplay album (again, yay!), started my Garmin, and took off. The wind felt good against my face and the chill bumps on my arms made me smile. I’ve been waiting for this. From the moment my feet hit the pavement, I was reminded. I LOVE TO RUN.

Running is so much more than just exercise to me. I realize it is beneficial to my heart physically, but for me, it’s beneficial to my heart emotionally and spiritually as well. Running allows me time to be quiet and listen. To process and pray. To think without interruptions or obligations. This is my “me” time. I can be stressed, angry, sad, or worried, then go out for a run & come back with a new perspective, a new attitude. I talk to God a lot during this time  as I admire the beautiful backdrop of nature He has provided for me to enjoy. I also listen a lot as He penetrates my thoughts and guides my steps. Running is almost a time of rest for me as well as restoration. It’s good for my soul.

What do you do that you do just for you? It obviously doesn’t have to be running. It could be walking, having coffee on your porch, going camping, hiking, painting, etc. It’s not selfish to find something that you can do that benefits you in this way. Everyone needs this time. A time to draw close to the Lord and allow him to work in your heart. A time to think, reflect, and get clarity. A time to escape the craziness of life, even for a few moments. Jesus did this while he was here on earth. We should too. I have no doubt, I’m a better wife & mom because of it. The state of my heart affects everything in my life. I run for the sake of my heart.

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