World Series Game 4.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend game 4 in Arlington this Sunday night with my little bro-in-law Jeff for his 21st birthday.

The Dixon’s are probably the weirdest most inseparable couple in modern history. Anytime one of us is out with someone else, the other is insanely jealous. Not because we’re jealous in the sense of jealousy, but because we just enjoy each others company and our likes and hobbies are identical. Actually in typing this I’m creeping myself out. All this to say, with Jeff and I attending the game, Traci and the girls decided to join in the festivities and so we made a day point five out of it.

We booked a hotel for the evening so that we would not have to drive back after the game. It is only 2 hours from Arlington back to Tyler but 2 hours at the end of a game and long day is not my favorite way to drive it. Also, any excuse for me to take the day off from work is fine with me. Traci planned to take the girls back to the hotel while we were at the game for girl time including hot tubbing, toe nail painting and jumping on the beds.

We left town Sunday after church and headed to the big D. We arrived around 3 to join up with long time friends Clay and Lauren for some pre-game tailgating. The girls had a blast running a muck as we enjoyed the food, company and the fact that we were actually there at a World Series game. Still excites me to think about being there.

Around 5:30 Jeff and I said bye to the Dixon women and headed in. The best part of walking into Rangers stadium is walking thru the corridor towards the inner field. Stepping out from the tunnel and letting your eyes open up the the vastness of The Ballpark in Arlington. The green grass, the massive amounts of seats, the dirt infield and all this stage’s grandness.

We found our seats and instantly started snapping pics.

After receiving the beating of Game 3 we were nervous for this one. We definitely didn’t want to be at a game like that one. We were very hopeful though especially since the Rangers have been good at not losing 2 in a row as of late. All of the pre-game stuff was great and it was exciting to see all the seats fill up as it got closer. It was time.

Our pitching was superb! And the home run by Napoli was just perfect. I’ve been a Nap fan throughout this season and to be there when he blasted that one was just great. We had a blast and enjoyed literally every pitch and hit as the game continued. The victory was very sweet. Even leaving our seats and heading down the winding ramps, the fans continued to cheer and celebrate this World Series win.

After one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in forever, Traci and I ¬†got the girls and headed to Katy Trail to get in some mileage. Beautiful place. Also in typical fashion, we made it to some of our favorite hot spots in Dallas including the Apple store, Rangers Fan store, In and Out Burger and of course Central Market. What a great getaway. We made it back into Tyler just in time to settle in and get our game faces back on for another Ranger’s victory last night. Cheers to October baseball! Go Rangers!

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