Note from Addi’s teacher.

Addi has been doing great in Kindergarten. Thank you for your prayers for our family as our baby girl embarks on this new school journey! She loves it and is chatty cathy every day when I pick her up, filling me in on every detail she can remember about the day {which I absolutely love!}. Ryan was off on Friday, so we took Addi a cheeseburger for lunch and sat with her class on the patio. They had won the opportunity to eat outside instead of the cafeteria as a reward for something they had done earlier that week. It was a gorgeous day out & it filled my heart to watch Addi with her friends. She is just so joyful!

We feel so blessed to have an awesome teacher this year for her too. She’s a Christian and that permeates through everything she does. About a week ago, I received this email from her & it brought tears to my eyes & totally made my day! I just had to “scrapbook” this & share it with you. I’m one proud mommy!

I just wanted you to know that Addison is such a joy! I listen to KVNE all the time! Even in class. She knows most of the songs and will just belt out a tune. :) Sometimes she sings without the radio.  Today I brought some sycamore leaves to extend our discussions about Fall. She said “I know a song about a sycamore tree.” Addison & I sang to our class about Zacheaus. (not sure of the spelling of his name)  Even as a kindergarten student, she is ministering to those around her. You are doing a great job with her! She is a blessing! Thank you for sharing her with me this year!

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