Why we trot.

A few weeks ago, the YMCA Dallas Turkey Trot posted this contest on their Facebook page…

So, I entered. I sent in this story on the day of the deadline (which was my Dad’s birthday)…

Hello, my name is Traci. My family participates in the Turkey Trot each year. Why you ask? Well here goes.

My dad, my sister, my brother, my husband and I have ran it for many years. It’s truly a family affair! We live in East Texas about 2 hours from Dallas. We have made it a tradition to wake up very early on Thanksgiving morning, pack up the car with Gu packets, water bottles, iPods, etc. and head to the Big D in anticipation of the big race! This was initially my Dad’s idea and he LOVED it. His excitement was contagious. Anytime he could plan something for his kids to do with him to make a memory, he was all over it. We would go and run the 8 miler and then head back to feast on the awesome Thanksgiving meal my mom had stayed home to prepare. The 8 miles at the Trot always feels great with such awesome views of the city and an overall holiday joyfulness in the air. Plus, running that far leaves you guilt-free to pig out the rest of the day!

This race has become even more special since my Dad passed away suddenly in June of last year at the age of 62, after a run ironically. He inspired us in so many ways- to live life to the fullest, making the most of every opportunity, cherishing time with family and friends, and making memories. This race was a “memory maker” for our family, as he used to call it. So, my siblings, husband and myself continue to run this race every year in his honor. The tradition will continue for years to come, no doubt. We end each race now with a high five to the sky. We are thankful for the memories we have with my Dad at the Turkey Trot.

And this is why we trot.

And I won!!! Got an email this morning letting me know & they posted this on FB today…

WOOHOO! High five to the sky!

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