Yo Gabba Gabba says it best.

Yesterday morning, I went out for an 8 miler. My last long run before the Tyler Half Marathon coming up this next Sunday. {Yay for Fall race season!} The weather was awesome – a fresh, long awaited crispness was in the air. I  was also well rested having slept nearly 10 hours the night before – that never happens! However when my feet hit the pavement, those first few miles were tough as always. These initial miles on a long run are usually the hardest for me. In fact, I’ve written a whole post on here before about the middle miles.

It seriously takes me a good few miles to find my groove and start to feel “into it”. This day was no exception. As I was approaching mile 3, I reached this level of happiness that running brings me. My steps and breathing have found a rhythm, my legs have worked out the soreness, my thoughts are becoming less clouded and more positive. Then it occurred to me…what if I gave up before then? What if I never allowed myself to get past the first few tough miles to get to these precious middle miles that I long for and that strengthen me in many ways on many levels? I would miss out on a lot. I would never be able to run a half marathon, much less a full! It’s because I push through the first few miles that are challenging mentally and physically that I’m able to enjoy the benefits and joy of running longer distances. And trust me, I’m not saying I have it down by any means. I’ve had my fair share of days of giving up, whether it be with running or other things.

But why do people generally give up on a goal or a dream? Because it gets tough, right? Whatever it might be – losing weight, working out, paying off debt, starting a business, bettering a relationship, traveling the world, walking a tight rope {anyone watch Modern Family last week?} And typically it’s at the very beginning stages of this attempt that giving up happens. What if we pushed through those hard times and with the Lord’s help & strength we pressed on? How much more often would goals be accomplished & dreams be reached if that were the case? If God impresses something on your heart to achieve, then He will give you exactly what you need to accomplish it. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. What is your goal? What do you dream of? What’s holding you back from taking the first step? Here’s my encouragement to you….start running towards that goal! The first few miles will most likely be tough and you will want to give up, but press on. Keep running. Don’t get discouraged. When you reach the middle miles, you will be glad you did & realize you are that much closer to reaching the finish line of accomplishing that dream. It’s within reach. Don’t just dream about it, DO IT.

In the words of the great & wise philosopher, Yo Gabba Gabba, “Keep trying, keep trying. Don’t give up, never give up.” ;)

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