Addi’s 1st Day of Kindergarten.

Well, we did it. We got through the first day! Let me clarify. What I really should say is that I got through it…Addi absolutely LOVED it! She’s a champ. She marched right in her classroom, went straight to to her desk and sat down like a pro. No tears, no whining, nothing. I helped her put her backpack up, put on her name tag, hugged and kissed her a billion times, etc. Then when I felt the inevitable tears welling up, I knew it was time for this momma to leave. I kissed her one last time (or maybe twice) and headed out the door looking back to wave just a few times (or maybe 5, but whatever). She was good to go – ready for her first day as a big Kindergartener! Her teacher really is awesome. I am already thanking God for her and her loving heart. And I’m stealing this idea from my cuz-in-law & doing it tomorrow!

When we picked Addi up this afternoon (after sitting in the pickup line for 30 minutes, ugh! note to self: walk next time!), she literally did not stop talking for probably a solid hour. And I loved every minute of it. Here are some things she told me that made me smile…

“When coach talks in PE, we do not talk.”

“No screaming in the bathroom. And only one pump of soap, that’s it.”

“Rain cloud words are like if you say things like ‘I hate something’ or ‘I don’t like your shirt.’ Sunshine words are like when you say ‘I love you’ or ‘Good job on coloring that page!’ So I told Mrs. Jeanes’ that I love her. That’s a sunshine word.”

“Guess what? I minded my teacher all day. Are you proud?”

“Guess what I love about Caldwell? The whole day!”

“I was patient when I sat outside waiting for you to pick me up. But it sure was hot!”

“I didn’t really eat all of my lunch and a lady said to me, ‘you only have certain amount of time.’ So you need to just send two things to eat, not three Momma. Just a sandwich and apple and that’s all.”

“Momma when you left, I was kinda sad. I thought I was going to have tears, but I didn’t. Is that why you wrote ‘I love you’ on my goldfish bag?”

So so proud of my big girl!!!

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