I blinked. They told me this would happen.

To my dear Addison Kate,

Today I took you school supply shopping. I’m not exactly sure how this happened given that just a few days ago, you looked like this…

But it’s true. You begin a brand new phase of life on Monday. You start Kindergarten! People have always told us not to blink because our kids will grow up so quick. I’m really starting to believe it now, sweet girl. I blinked and here we are.

Today, as we shopped for crayons, glue sticks, and big girl jeans, my heart was bursting with pride and tears filled my eyes. I love you so much, I can hardly stand it. Your curious mind, tender heart and fun sense of humor are such a joy to your Daddy & I, baby girl. I know you will absolutely love school. Your love of learning, structure, and schedules will help you adjust to this new phase quite well, no doubt. You are a social butterfly and are so kind to others, I know you will make new friends quickly. I’m sure your teacher will appreciate you helping her, as I know you will, to organize, instruct, and control your classmates. The excitement in your eyes when we talk about Kindergarten thrills me and eases my anxiety. You aren’t nervous at all like Mommy is, you are so brave!

As we left the store today, you said, “Mommy, hold my hand.” It was all I could do, as I felt your little hand in mine, to not start crying right then and there while walking to the car. I thought to myself how I wish I could go with you to Kindergarten and hold your sweet hand. You know, just to make sure you get through the day OK. Wipe your shirt off when you spill on it, wash your hands before lunch in the cafeteria, dry your tears if you fall down in the big huge hallway, and straighten your hair after recess. But I can’t, big girl. And you probably wouldn’t even want that knowing you! I reminded myself that you are a gift to us straight from the Lord. You ultimately belong to Him and we just have the amazing honor to care for you, help you learn and grow, and love on you like crazy for as long as we have each other here on this earth. And you know what? HE will be holding your hand at school every single day, which is even more important! That brings gobs of comfort to Mommy’s heart and it should your’s too.¬†You are in good hands, punkin. And when that bell rings each afternoon, I will be right there waiting for you. Excited to hear all about your day as I know you will have much to say, as always.

I love you Addison Kate and I love being your Mommy. We are proud of you and know that God has great things in store for your life. Now…I’m gonna try hard not to blink again because I’m certainly not ready for any graduation or marriage ceremonies!

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