These are a few of my favorite things…

In case you’ve missed the first few lists of faves, here they are!

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

And now for Round 5…

*Yogi Tea. I’ve bought several varieties of this tea, but we particularly like this one. Chai Black. We also like the Detox tea they make. It’s very tasty with a lot of great spiced flavors. I buy it at Drug Emporium for about $4. It says on the back you should sit Indian-style on the floor and breath deeply before (or while) drinking…um, yeah – we don’t do that.

*My new Ivey Expressions wristlet purse & 3 wrap braided fabric bracelet. Love the stuff Joanna makes! This size purse is perfect for me. I can fit my phone, my wallet and my chapstick…I’m good to go! And when I’m out & about w/the girls, it’s handy to throw around your wrist and not have to hold anything. That way I’m better prepared to hold a hand, catch falling glass in a store, or break up a fight if you know what I”m sayin. The new bracelets she’s selling are super cute too – her daughter helps make them. You can choose your fabric!

*Auquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste. Best toothpaste ever, hands down. All the little microbubbly cleaning action makes your mouth & teeth feel so clean & shiny. I can’t wait to brush my teeth every morning & every night! Ha…just kidding – geez, do you think I would seriously be that excited about toothpaste?! :) But for real, it’s good stuff.

*This adorable apron that my sweet friend Jen gave me for my birthday! I sport this thing all the time while in the kitchen. Considering I’m a mess in (& out) of the kitchen, I appreciate the extra protection & have used considerably less stain remover thanks to this lovely gift.

*White Chocolate pudding. Oh yes. This creamy dessert costs less than $1, is enough to fix my family of 4’s sweet tooth, and is zero fat grams. It’s just plain good. If you want to splurge, you can add whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top…mmm, mmm! Side note: Yes, I wear my apron while making this!!!

*My $12 never-have-to-fix-my-hair-again Target hat. This has been my fro’s saving grace this summer.

*Last, but certainly not least, my High Five to the Sky keychain. Our friend Corie gave this to me & my siblings the day of the 5k. It’s engraved with “H52S” on the front and has a pic of my dad running in a race when you open the locket. What a thoughtful & meaningful gift. Brought tears to my eyes, I love it so much. And I carry it proudly every day and can look at his pic anytime, anywhere.

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