You just never know…

…what’s gonna come out of their little mouths! They definitely keep us on our toes and laughing most of the time.┬áHere are some funny/sweet Addi & Kam quotes from this week.

“Momma, can you make us a baby brother? We need a prince to dance with. Both of us. For our vacation.” – Addi

“Husband, stop calling me so much! I know you hate your job and I know you’re ready for vacation. But seriously, you have to stop calling me. Ok. I love you so much too and I’m glad you called.” – Addi (on her play phone)

“Addi don’t suck your fingers and then touch me. That’s disgusting!” – Kam

“I just wanted you mommy. I want you.” – Kam (after waking up this morning – MELT MY HEART)

“I don’t want to be a human, I want to be a mermaid!” – Addi

“What in the name of hobby dobby is that?” – Addi

“Dear Jesus, thank you for everybody and everything. Help everybody sleep good. Amen.” – Kam

“All the napkins are gone, little sweetie.” – Kam (talking to Addi)

“You are freaking me out! That’s ridiculous.” – Addi

“Mom, why are you so excited all the time?” – Addi

“Look momma, I”m a turtle!” – Kam

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