Too Hot to Handle Race Results


Overall: 83rd out of 1007

Age Group: 10th out of 66


Overall: 501st out of 1007

Age Group: 30th out of 73

This race around White Rock Lake, although extremely hot, was awesome. We did the 15K, which is a total of 9.3 miles. Ryan killed it with a pace of 7:33! It was an out & back race, so I got to see him on his way back towards the finish line. This always encourages me to see his smiling face and thumbs up as we pass each other (and I still have several miles to go). My pace was close to 10 minutes which, hey, I know that’s not blazing speed but I was happy with it considering it was blazing H.O.T. It does make me feel better that I beat at least half of the other participants! ;) This race is done very well – they do all they can to help overcome the heat and humidity that July provides Dallas, Texas. Extra water/powerade stations, misters along the route, and ice cold towels at the finish line…it all makes running more tolerable. My little bro, Jeff, did the 5K and did great! He’s really doing well in his training for the Manchester Half, so 3 miles is getting easier for him. He did 5 last weekend. His determination & dedication is very impressive and I’m a proud big sis.

We really enjoyed this race and will mostly likely keep it on the annual race list. Next up…Tyler Half Marathon on October 9th!

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