Addi & Kam: The Latest.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the goings on of a certain 4 year old and a certain 3 year old. And let me tell you, there is a lot going on! So here goes.

We’ll start with the eldest. Addi Kate is maturing by leaps and bounds. She is our 4 year old going on 16. She keeps us laughing most days and other days, we try hard not to pull our hair out…errrr, I mean we are blessed to learn patience. She still asks a million questions a day and is a perfectionist in all things. She’s our rule-follower and if she messes up, she is very hard on herself. “I’m a bad Addi” is her phrase when she’s in trouble. She loves hanging out with her friends and has become a fish this summer, we go to the pool at least once a week. She is so caring and tender hearted. If someone gets hurt, she cries. She says things like, “that’s ridiculous” or “you’re freaking me out” or “would you like to play in my bedroom slash toy room?” Also when asked a question, instead of responding with a simple “no”, she says, “I can not” with emphasis on the not. She CAN NOT wait to start kindergarten this Fall and talks about it often. She knows that we are going on our family vacation in August and when we get back, she gets to go to school & she is PUMPED. She also knows exactly what she wants to do for her 5th birthday party – where she wants to have it, who’s on the guest list (she lists them daily), what kind of cake she wants (half Spiderman, half Princess), and what games we will play. She has it all planned out! I believe she is a lot like her momma in this way.¬†She likes to organize, prepare, lead and learn. She is quite the dancer (not exactly sure where she learns some of her moves!) and also loves to run. She actually ran a whole mile recently around the track, which of course makes us proud!

Little Kam keeps us on our toes. I’m fairly certain she is one of the clumsiest people I have ever known. If it can be spilled, Kam will spill it. If it can be scratched, bumped, or bruised, it will happen to Kam. If you think there is any chance she can fall, she will. Poor baby is not very graceful! She’s a lot like her momma in this way too, I’m afraid. (Remember the story of my falling & busting my knee on the Golden Gate Bridge during the San Fran Half of 2008?) Recently, she has found a new love of singing and always asks to listen to “Daddy’s music” (a.k.a. Love Has Spoken – Grace’s new live worship album) every time we get in the car. And she BELTS it out – mostly falsetto and mostly off-key but always sounds beautiful to us! Kam is a sweetheart and is very sensitive. All it takes is for Ryan to raise his voice and she will burst into tears. She is easy-going, positive, cuddly, and mischievous all in one. Her cuteness can be deceiving at times! When she’s in the other room and being quiet, you can guarantee she is up to something. She is learning to color in the lines, but is definitely free-spirited. Her favorite word is “because” and uses it at the beginning of most sentences. Uncle Jeff always asks her to say “hamburger” because she says it like “hambooger.” Kam likes to ride her bike and drink bath water. She’s our cute little mess!

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  1. Makes me smile just to see their pics, makes me laugh out loud to read their antics!! Love them both, kiss them from “their Debbie”

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