Bounce Your Eyes.

Lust is a big deal! Temptation is EVERYWHERE, especially for men. I have had recent conversations with friends and family about this very topic. Seems as though it’s an attack on all sides. You can’t even scroll down news sites without topics of sex and pictures that promote sexual thoughts or activities from hitting your eyes.

There are plenty of sexually attractive women in our world. Many great men have been beaten into submission and entrapment with lust in the way of pornography, addictions and improper relationships. Most of these have lost friends, careers and even their precious families as a result of not keeping this built-in weakness/susceptibility in check. As anyone who has struggled in any area of sexual lust and temptation would tell you, it all started with a glance.

A handful of years ago, we took our FUSION youth group to a conference in Dallas. One of the main topics of the weekend was sexual purity and why it’s important to your integrity, your future spouse and honoring to our Creator. One of the speakers mentioned that the best way to snuff out visually stimulated lust was to “bounce your eyes” from the attraction before it took root in your thoughts which then usually leads to action.

Practical application being when you see an image (still or in motion) that sparks that sexual nerve, you literally make it a practice to look away while stopping sexual thoughts and redirecting them on something else. Paul gives this great list of things for re-focus in Philippians 4:8.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

From media to college campuses to the corporate world there is no place immune to the reality of temptation. Actually while perusing around the post run tents Sunday after the 2 Hot 2 run 15K, an attractive, breast-pressed, provocatively dressed 20 year old was passing out samples of AXE hair gel to men. Another one of those, “sex sells” marketing campaign that we see so often. Unfortunately for us men, it can be crippling and even works..

God created us to be sexual beings. For us to be attracted to attractive women is not a problem nor a sin. God created us with this attraction and desire… AND a remedy to the desire by way of His design in marriage. The problem isn’t when we are visually stimulated but when that “glance” provokes lustful thinking and that hunger then fed with thoughts or actions.

So, all this to say I have been practicing the “bounce your eyes” concept for years now and it really does help. It seems as though I have actually had a lot of opportunities recently to strengthen my eye muscles! Not that I am perfect, but practice and prayer are our best allies. A destroyed testimony and marriage is victory for our enemy. My encouragement is to add this habit to your arsenal like I have to help fight this battle. Your integrity depends on it. Your God, family and your wife are worth it!

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  1. Ryan Marc Dixon, I am so proud of you! You are such an amazing man and you and Traci are so blessed to have each other! I am going to send this to both of my boys! I love you!

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