It’s too hot, I can’t handle it!

This weekend, we will be heading to Dallas to run in the Too Hot to Handle 15K. The name of this race is rather appropriate. Running 9.3 miles smack dab in the middle of summer in Dallas sunshine & humidity is ridiculously hot & definitely hard to handle! However it’s usually a fun race and for some crazy reason, we keep going back year after year. The spray mists throughout the course and cold brew at the finish line definitely help! It’s a beautiful setting running around White Rock Lake. One of my dad’s favorite spots to run. The other day, when I went online to register, I stumbled across this photo that I’ve never seen before. Me, Jeff and my Dad at the start of this race in 2009. Pretty neat!

This year, Ryan and I plan to do the 15K and my brother, Jeff, is doing the 5K. Jeff started training a few weeks ago for the Manchester Half coming up in November…he’s going with us to New Hampshire this year! I’m so proud of him, he’s doing so great. Ryan and I are trying to get our milage up, not only for the half marathons we plan to do this Fall, but for our marathon in January! I’m rather nervous about doing 9 miles, that will be the furthest I’ve gone in a while. But it will be a great challenge!

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