Our house is a mess.

Our house is constantly a mess. I clean and pick up daily, but it never fails…

There is always glitter on the kitchen floor. Always a toy to be stepped on in the hallway. Always water on the bathroom floor. Always feathers from a dress up boa on the living room rug. Always dirty sippy cups throughout. Always popsicle stained shirts. Always globs of toothpaste in the sink. Always books on the floor. Always crumbs on the couch. Always marker all over the kitchen table. Always empty bubbles on the back porch. Always mini flip flops by the back door. Always hair bows and clippies by the sink. Always something in the potty. Always barbies in the bath tub. Always dresses on the closet floor. Always coloring pages scattered in my office. Always dirty mouths (or butts) to wipe.

But you know what I’ve determined? WHO CARES! These little culprits are worth every time I bend over to pick up a toy or get another paper towel to wipe off something. They are worth every mess, spill, and stain. Because of these two girls our hearts and lives are filled to the brim with love unimaginable, incredible joy, and a ton of laughter…all of which are incomparable to these little inconveniences. In fact, I thank God for a messy house! It’s just a constant reminder of these beautiful blessings He has given to us.

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  1. I could NOT agree more! I pick up constantly and NEVER complain because our lives would be so empty without finding things like that….like a cucumber she didn’t want to eat two weeks later that had been crammed in a teaset….smelled wonderful and instead of getting irritated all I could do was laugh. Or all the times I have found something laying very sweetly on my pillow after a full evening of picking up or cleaning?! PRICELESS!!

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