Houston Marathon

Well, we did it. We registered for our very first FULL marathon: January 15th, 2012. That’s right folks, 26.2 miles! WHAT WAS I THINKING? :)

Ryan & I both registered for the lottery in the Chevron Houston Marathon last week, along with several friends & family, as a team. If one of us got picked, we would all get in. We were nervous! The way it works is this: you register, put in your credit card info, and then wait. They do a random selection over the weekend and if you are picked, they charge your credit card and send you a confirmation email. I may or may not have checked our credit card balance several times throughout the weekend to see if a charge had shown up yet. Tons of people enter this lottery, so we weren’t quite sure if we’d get in under the 13,000 cap.

Well, here is what we woke up to today…

YIKES! We got in! So now, it’s time to get serious. Time to get real. Time to get my butt in gear! 26.2 miles, here we come. H52S!

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