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I hosted another recipe exchange party at our house last night. Good times. Any excuse to get a bunch of girlfriends together to hang out, laugh & eat is guaranteed fun! My friend, Hannah,¬†& I switch out on who’s hosting it and we try to plan one each Spring and Fall. She did it last Fall, so I was up. Spring came and went, so this time it got pushed back until Summer, but hey…whatever works! Several people have asked me, “What is a recipe exchange?” – so I figured I would make a post about it…

There are many ways to do a Recipe Exchange Party, but here is what we do:

1. Send out an invitation or evite a few weeks in advance. Ask everyone to bring X number of copies of their recipe to share. Last night, the theme was “Summertime” – so we asked everyone to bring easy, light summery recipes.

2. Make something for each person to take their recipes home in – folder, bag, packet, recipe box, basket, etc.

3. Purchase small gifts to give away as door prizes and for the winners of the games. You can find cute & very inexpensive items for this! I picked up some summery, fun plastic utensils, pot holders, and a wine bottle carrying case.

4. Find silly games to play. Every adult needs to “play” every now & then, right?! We did a game called “Guess that Spice!” I picked out 10 spices out of our spice cabinet and covered them all w/random magazine clippings. I numbered each one and created a sheet with #’s 1-10 on it and printed copies for everyone. The point of the game is for each person to smell each spice and write down on the sheet what they think it is. After everyone made it through the line, I asked them what they put for #1 – we went around the room and¬†heard each guess, some of them quite funny I might add! Then, I would tell the correct answer. We did that for all 10 spices and whoever had the most right, won the prize. Our winner guessed 7 out of 10…not bad! Side note: I made Ryan do the game the night before to make sure it wasn’t too ridiculously hard and when he got to red pepper flakes, he sneezed like 14 times. HA!

5. Prepare and serve snack foods that go along w/your party theme. For our “Summertime” party, we served ice cream sundaes with toppings, watermelon, lemonade, cookies, and chips & fresh homemade salsa.

6. To do the “exchange” portion, you just have each person tell where they got their recipe, any tips on how to make it, why it’s special, etc. Then, they pass the recipe copies around and each person gets one. Then, the next person goes…and on & on until everyone has everyone else’s recipe. So after last night, I have close to 15 new yummy recipes to try!

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