10 New Faves.

1. Veggie Wash. Organic cleaner for fruits & veggies. Spray it on, rub it, and rinse it. Easy & cleans all toxins & chemicals off what you are ingesting!

2. Our Puma Faas 500’s. Love them! Love the colors, love the way they feel, love how light-weight they are. Pretty certain Ryan and I will both be purchasing a second pair of these bad boys.

3. McAlister’s Sweet Tea. So refreshing and so tasty! This tea ranks up there with my Mom’s. Shout out to our friend, Stephen Lee (Regional Director, McAlister’s).

4. TCBY’s White Chocolate Mousse. Mmm, mmm…creamy deliciousness! Tyler just got a TCBY a few weeks ago, and I believe we’ve been there at least once (or twice) each week since it opened. Good thing it’s 98% fat free!

5. NOW Sunflower Seeds. This bag of seeds is less than $4 at Drug Emporium and SO good. Love to add these to salads, yogurt, oatmeal, or just eat handfuls right out of the bag. The girls love these too! Healthy snack.

6. Quaker’s new Hearty Medley’s Oatmeal with fruits & nuts. I heart oatmeal for breakfast. I usually buy plain oatmeal then mix in cranberries and either walnuts or almonds  – so this is right up my alley!

7. Suave’s Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream. I’ve tried multiple (expensive) creams throughout my years. Seriously this is like $2 and works great on my hair and has lasted many months with still about half left! $2 well spent, for sure. Just use a dab before blow-drying and it helps contain my craziness. Smells good too!

8. This is probably one of my favorite snacks lately. Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuits with Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss cheese. Makes for a great late night snack with a glass of red!

9. Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong. I’m almost done with this book. Very inspirational on many levels – from parenting to friendship to running. Every time I read a chapter, I want to go out and run!

10. Ivey Expression Wristlet. I love this thing! It’s a perfect size for my wallet and my iPhone. I can carry it around my wrist while I’m out and about with the kids and not have to lug around a huge bag. Plus, it’s really cute! My cousin-in-law, Joanna, makes these and sales them here along with some other really neat items.

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  1. I was getting on facebook to ask the world through a status update if anyone uses that fruit and veggie wash, and I saw your post first thing! Funny. I’ve seen it in the store but had never heard anything about it. I saw it and thought, “if that stuff is so great, what’s the big deal about NEEDING to buy organic produce?” Glad to know someone I know uses it. I’m going to get some!

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