Something’s Brewing.


Reading as a child or even throughout all my schooling was not a desire AT ALL! Actually in my english classes or really any class that required me to read a story or book, I didn’t. I did my best to make my grades balance towards the positive by doing really well on the other aspects of the class so that me totally bombing the reading assignment wouldn’t hurt too bad. HA! Today is a different story though. There is a lot on my brain these days as I have been reading more than I ever have imagined.

I have learned that if I am really interested in the subject, I can read it. If it’s just a fictional book or something random, I just can’t muster up enough attention to consume it. These days my eyes feed on as much of these two deeply intriguing topics as possible. Books about Missional Living for Christ and Homebrewing. Books about doing something. To read and not apply or really gain anything is just kind of foolish, a waste of time. So now I continue to ask, “What am I to do with this knowledge?” Proverbs 8 is all about how we should seek wisdom as it is of extreme value. Therfore I diligently seek wisdom.


Interestingly enough, I began this post less than one month ago not knowing wether to post it or not, it sat in my “draft” column. Since then some crazy opportunities have begun to develop. Some seriously awesome things and wonderfully orchestrated communication. Stay tuned!

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  1. I’m proud of you! You do have to find what you’re interested in to make the reading itself interesting. Glad you’re finding things you enjoy to read. Keep up with the recommendations, they’re helpful!

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