Mother’s Day: Surprises & Survey

All week long, Addi has been talking (shocker) about how excited she is to finish the “mother’s day surprise” for me at her school on Thursday. She has been so excited to work on this little project and give it to me.

“Mommy, are you going to be sooooo excited?”

“Mommy, are you going to cry tears of joy?”

“Mommy, you will really really really like what I will give you to put on the fridge so you can look at it every day!”

Adorable. Well, today when I picked her up from school, she was ecstatic. There she stood by the door holding a little white, sticker-covered bag and a huge smile on her sweet face. “Mommy, Mommy!!! Here’s your gift!” We loaded up backpacks, went & got Kam from her room (who had a gift for me too, but wasn’t in the best of moods thanks to a lip-busting accident on the playground) and headed to the minivan. As soon as we were all piled in, Addi opened my gift for me. (Isn’t that usually the way it works? I never get to open gifts for myself anymore!) And there it was…my new pink magnetic frame, to hang on the fridge & look at every day, with the most adorable 4 year old holding a sign with words that mean the world to me. Melt my heart. Addi was right, I did cry tears of joy! What made this gift so special was how much it meant to Addi to make it and give it to me …priceless.

Kam made a precious gift too! I’m sure her teacher helped just a little. It’s a clip board that she colored, has a sweet little poem on it, her hand cutout and a cute pic of her face inside the flower. So creative! Kam told me I could use it to make “lists” – perfect. So thankful for my beautiful sweethearts.

Also, along with Addi’s gift was a folded piece of pink paper that totally made my day. I opened it up and it said in big letters at the top: A Mother’s Day Survey Created for You by Your Child. This seriously cracked me up, so I had to type it out for you and share. Her teacher interviewed her and here are Addi’s responses…

What is your mom’s real name? Traci

What do you call her? Mommy

What does your dad call her? Baby

What does your mom like to do? She likes to kiss me.

What is her favorite color? Pink

What is her favorite food? Salad

What is her favorite drink? Tea

What is her favorite restaurant? Chuy’s

How tall is your mom? 6 inches

How much does she weigh? 6 lbs.

What is your mom’s favorite TV show? Alice in Wonderland

What does your mom do while you are at school? She works at Brown’s Landing.

If I gave your mom $100, what would she buy? A curtain

If you could spend a whole day with your mom, what would you do? We would swim.

If your mom was sick, what would you do to make her feel better? I would take care of her.

Ha! She was right on on most of them. Clearly, Alice in Wonderland is NOT my favorite TV show and if given $100, I would probably not buy a curtain – but how stinkin cute?!

I love my kids. I am blessed beyond words to be their mommy.

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  1. Ohh my goodness that’s precious!! So you wouldn’t buy a curtain?? I might. :) Love the clip board idea, too!

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