Grandpa Elliot by Kip Clark

My Dad posted this under “Notes” on his Facebook page on February 15, 2010. I’ve read and reread this over and over and still can’t get past the last line he wrote. So true, Dad. You just never know what tomorrow might bring.

I am a fan of Grandpa Eliott……….

Grandpa Elliott (aka Elliott Small) was born in New Orleans in 1945 and began playing a harmonica he got from his uncle at the age of six. Elliott’s mother liked classical music and listened to it on the radio, so he learned to play along with Mozart, later moving on to pop, jazz, and blues tunes. Elliott also claims to have taught himself to dance by watching Fred Astaire movies on television, and appeared in a stage production of Showboat when his family moved to New York City. However, Elliott’s father had a violent streak, and the boy soon struck out on his own in his teens, eventually ending up back in New Orleans. Unhappy with the business side of music, Elliott became a street singer, and was a fixture in the French Quarter for decades. After producer Mark Johnson saw Elliott perform in New Orleans, he invited him to take part in a performance of “Stand by Me” that was created as part of Playing for Change, an organization dedicated to international understanding through music. The clip of Elliott and others performing the Ben E. King favorite became a YouTube hit, and after touring with the Playing for Change band, Grandpa Elliott has made his recording debut at the age of 64 with the album Sugar Sweet. (copied from Pandora radio)

“made his recording debut at the age of 64” – inspiring words to those of us who still wonder what tomorrow might bring to us.

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