Morning cuddle session.

This morning Kam woke up a little earlier than normal. Looks like we’re going to have to cut her drinking off earlier in the night because she keeps waking up in a puddle. In the middle of my hardcore (ha) “abs & waistline” pilates workout this morning, I heard little footsteps pouncing down the hall and Ryan starting the shower. I knew right away what happened. I’ll be washing sheets again today. And I foresee a replacement mattress in the very near future.

After Daddy finished showering her, he had to take off to work. With a kiss and hug, he was off and Kam and I were left in a quiet, dark house. Addi still sleeping – thankfully I have at least one girl who likes to sleep in! I snuck into their room to get Kam’s robe. I lotioned her up, wrapped her robe around her, snuggled her up into my arms and we went out to the living room to watch some cartoons.

I could have gotten another cup of coffee. I could have grabbed my computer to check Facebook. I could have continued reading where I left off in my book. I could have finished my pilates workout. I could have done the dishes. But instead I chose to just sit. Sit and cuddle with a fresh, clean, sweet three year old girl. And it was wonderful.

It’s times like these that remind me of what a precious gift I have in my children. Little blessings that God has entrusted us with. When we aren’t rushing around trying to get somewhere on time. When we aren’t having to get on to them for not sharing. When we aren’t having to bribe them to eat their veggies. When I’m not on a work call and they are screaming in the other room. No. It’s these sweet, quiet moments in between all the chaos that warm my heart and remind me how awesome it is to be a mommy. All the craziness pales in comparison to this. Every bit of the chaos is worth it for a morning of cuddling.

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