Here an azalea, there an azalea.

Azaleas are literally everywhere! Another reason why I love Springtime here in beautiful Tyler. Such vibrant array of colors going on right now – reds, yellows, whites, pinks, and of course greens. The beauty of creation is a reminder of how awesome our Creator is – the ultimate artist.

This past weekend began the official Azalea Trail. There are certain roads that make up this Trail that highlight gorgeous azaleas throughout historical homes that make up what is called the Azalea District. It’s pretty neat & attracts a lot of visitors to Tyler! We enjoy taking long walks this time of year through our ‘hood to see all of the azaleas.

This past Saturday, we ran in the annual Azalea 10k which was an absolute blast. I love this race! It’s a hilly course, but so beautiful. Ryan actually set a personal record – 7:14 pace! He placed 40th out of 657 runners. Speedy G! My time wasn’t too shabby for me at 9:26 pace. Considering I haven’t been pushing myself on speed these last couple of months, my goal was just to break 10, so I was pleased. We had some friends run with us too and they all did great! Everyone did better than what they hoped for. Proud of my running buddies!

Also this weekend, Brown’s Landing sponsored a Lemonade Stand on the Azalea Trail, so I helped with that. For every cup we gave away for free, Brown’s Landing donated a quarter to the American Cancer Society. It was a fun day in the sun!

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