Updates at random.

Lots going on in the lives of the Dixon clan! I realized this morning that I haven’t been doing a very good job of providing updates on the blog, so here you go. I do apologize in advance for the randomness of this post!

*Several months ago, we got rid of all pull-ups (yay!) and Kam has been sleeping in big girl panties. She’s been doing great…well, until this week. All of the sudden she is wet every morning. Not sure what happened, but I’ve had to wash sheets every day since Sunday. Is this normal to have a set back? What causes it? Should I buy pull-ups again?

*Addi’s teacher told me the official date for her preschool graduation. Excuse me, what?! Look lady, she just started crawling five minutes ago. She was just weaned off the bottle. She just said momma for the first time. She can’t be graduating preschool already! But it’s true. Ready or not, kindergarden here we come. I have been sort of weepy about this lately. When I leave her at school on Tues/Thur’s, I always stand there looking at my big girl sitting at her little “desk” and tear up. I’m sure people must think I have serious issues. I had no idea this was going to affect me so!

*Ryan is in the process of mixing a live recording the worship band at our church did last month. I’m loving that he gets to work on this project & use his abilities in this way…he’s so good at it & is totally in his happy place when he sits in that studio chair.

*We had our family pictures made recently by Ryan’s cousin, Tim Ivey at Imago Photography. We hadn’t seen him since before we were married, so we had a great time hanging out, showing him around Tyler, and catching up! We were able to see a sneak pic of a few pics and they were awesome. I can’t wait to see the rest! He’s very talented.

*This Saturday is our next race. The Tyler Azalea 10K, which starts right across the street from our house at Bergfeld Park. It’s a fun race, we did it last year too. The route is along the Azalea Trail that Tyler has every year. It basically highlights all of the historical homes that are covered in beautiful, vibrant azaleas during Spring. Very neat. 10K is a fun distance too…just long enough to make you feel like you’ve had a good, long run but a lot shorter & easier than a half marathon!

*We just scheduled & booked our family vacation for the year! Ryan and I love to travel and try to do so as often as possible. Last year was the first year we took an actual family vacation with the girls. We had a fabulous time being together away from everything and spending quality time with each other with no obligations or distractions. This is something we hope to do each year with them. In August, we head to San Antonio for a week on the Riverwalk! We think the girls are at a great age to experience Sea World. Looking forward to this!

*We sold our Honda Accord yesterday after only listing it last week. Praise God for a quick & easy sale! We are on a serious mission to pay off all of our debt and this was just another step in the process. Ryan will be driving my Dad’s truck for a while in the interim. Dave Ramsey would be so proud! Financial freedom here we come.

*The girls and I signed up to volunteer with a ministry that our church does at a low-income apartment complex here in town. Several people from our church go weekly to mentor kids there, as the majority of them don’t have a father-figure in their lives. God is doing an awesome work at these apartments and it’s neat to see some of my friends involved in this! The girls & I signed up to deliver backpacks of food one Friday a month to the kids who participate in this mentor class. I love this. It gives me a very simple opportunity as a mom to do ministry WITH my kids. Hopefully they will not only learn that Jesus tells us to care for the poor and needy, but they will see what that actually looks like with their own eyes. My prayer is that this opportunity will grow and teach all three of us! And that we would be able to build relationships and love on the kids there.

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