Weekend Madness

This past weekend was crazy busy. Felt like we had one thing after the other after the other! Last weekend was like that too. This coming weekend appears it will be much of the same. I’m starting to see a pattern developing! Life is just busy, but it’s good stuff.

Brown’s Landing had a booth at the Home Products Show which started Friday night, so I worked that all weekend while the girls had some extra Daddy time. It was a fun and successful event! I LOVE my job and the people I work with. We made a lot of great contacts and spread the word about our beautiful development. Here is a pic of our booth. Ryan designed all of our printed materials, doesn’t it looks great?! Handy having your graphic designer live with you!

Saturday night, after working the Home Show all day, we went to a “Mystery Dinner” that a couple in our Community Group hosted. We had no idea what to expect! I love this kind of stuff. We received an email Saturday morning telling us the location where we were all supposed to meet. In front of Walmart at 6:30 and bring $10 per couple. Once everyone was there, we were given the rules. We had 12 minutes to plan something to cook and go shopping for all the ingredients. We could only spend $10 on it. Fun! People at Walmart probably thought we were crazy. Ryan and I decided to cook green chile cheeseburger sliders. Then, we all went back to our friends’ house and they had appetizers waiting for us to eat while we all cooked our dishes together. We laughed a lot and enjoyed some tasty food!

After the Mystery Dinner, we headed to Starbucks to meet up with one of our old youth group (Fusion) kids who was in town for the evening…who is now a man and is getting married this summer, gosh I feel old! It was great catching up with Keith and meeting his woman. I love our Fusion kids and am so thankful they still desire for us to be a part of their lives, even though we live miles and miles away! They are a big part of our lives – such great memories and awesome experiences we had with them. They are all very special to us. Also, note to self: never allow your 3 year old to drink frappuccino at 9 pm at night!

Sunday, we had church, then a meeting about a partnership our church has with a group in Haiti over the next five years, and then more Home Show! By Sunday night, we were all whooped. Ryan and I watched a movie and BOTH fell asleep, which is rare. :) Thankful to have a few calm days this week!

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