Like mother, like daughter.

Everyone always tell us that Addi looks like me and Kamryn looks like Ryan. Pretty balanced, I guess! Makes you wonder if we ever have a third, what he/she would look like? [side note: No, we aren’t expecting. No, we aren’t trying. No, we have no plans of trying anytime in the near future. I mean good grief, I was pregnant for 2 years straight -don’t you remember?!]

There is absolutely no doubt Kam looks just like her daddy and I love that! It’s adorable. She’s tall with long legs, she has a cute round head, she has his almond-shaped eyes, his pouty face, etc. Minus her toes…she does have Barney Rubble feet like her momma! See image below for proof.

Last week while the girls were riding bikes and playing outside, Addi happened to come across a small box in the garage filled with my baby pics. She opened it up and started looking through all of them and of course, she thought most of them were of her. It took some serious convincing for her to finally believe that they were actually of me! But then, we came across the following old pic. I smiled and held it up, “Who is this!?” To which both girls shouted, “Kamryn!!!”

Not sure what would make them say that, are you???

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  1. I actually think Addi looks like Ryan and Kammy looks like you Traci. Hmmm, that is a great old picture though Traci. You look just like a little Kammy or I guess it would be the other way around…

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