The Simple Things.

I love coming home from work. Like most (all) of us peasant workers it’s one of the best times of the day. Time to “clock out”, drive home and begin my favorite part of the day, “family time”.

With the onset of better weather, life is awakened. The birds sing more frequently. The trees turn from that drab brown hue to the colors of active life. Then comes the ability to spend extended time outside. Yard work however cumbersome and mundane is enjoyable just by being out. Cooking on the grill is a must and can be accomplished without bundling up. The breaths that you take have some kind of mystical molecule that…. anywho, back to the subject.

The other day when coming home I pulled into the driveway to see this.

I’ve heard it said recently that God has given us so many things in this life for our enjoyment. Sex, food, good wine, and the company of friends are just a few of the things He created for us to enjoy. These sacred things should never be the focus of our attention, time and passion but point us to the One who created them. That’s all by design. To lead us into worship. I worship and praise Him for those simple things that make life so awesome. To God be the glory for the simple things. What simple things urge you to praise Him?

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