colored pages for sale.

Addi mentioned to us that she was coloring pages “to sell to people for money” so I decided to announce this to The World. She did mention that “Easton’s mom” was going to buy one. Please let Addi know if you’re interested. She’s selling these for “3 dollars to people”. Animals and aliens need not ask. I guess she’s trying to save up for her plot to take over the world or maybe invest in some new coloring books. Not sure really.

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  1. Hey I want one. Message me your address and I will send my payment on Monday. I will send her $5 so that the shipping and handling will be taken care of.

    1. HA! She always quotes our address as “Tyler Texas”. So just write “Addi Dixon Tyler Texas”. That should do it! :)

  2. late breaking news: she’s also started selling the pages by the book! bargain price of $100 per book. what a steal! get yours today. but wait…if you act now, you get 3 additional colored pages absolutely free!

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