Baby, it’s cold outside!

What do you do if its 20 degrees outside with wind chills in the teens? Well, let me just tell you…

…you do a pilates video with momma

…you get bangs

…you go play at the indoor playground at mcdonald’s

…you make those moose & zee pillows you’ve been begging to make for months (thanks Noggin for replaying that commercial billions of times a day)

…you color picture after picture after picture after picture

…you arrange, mess up, rearrange, mess up the letters & numbers on the fridge

…you lay on the couch with a blankey. (get a job bailey!)

…you pretend to go camping on the ottoman in the living room and pretend to sleep while momma’s taking your pic

What do you do when it’s f-f-freezing c-c-cold outside and you’re stuck indoors?

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  1. If woud have known you were making “those” pillows I would have sent Reese over, he has been wanting to do that same thing. Too cute!

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