Pray now!

We can learn a lot from our kids, we really can. The other day, Kamryn reminded me of something I needed to hear…

Addi has sucked her two middle fingers since birth. I remember asking our pediatrician about it and her telling us not to worry about breaking her from it unless she doesn’t stop by the time she’s four. Well, she turned four last August and she still sucks them when she’s tired, upset, or nervous. It’s starting to concern us more, because it can obviously cause dental problems. So lately, we’ve talked a lot with her about trying to stop and praying about it. She told me, “Mommy, I don’t need to suck my fingers anymore, but I like to.” Poor little thing…I think she really knows she should stop, but she honestly likes to – it provides her comfort. She’s done it her whole life and it’s not something she can easily give up.

Some of you that know me, know that I have a nasty habit of picking at my thumb. I start to pick the cuticle and eventually, it goes all the way down to my knuckle. I will pick, pick, pick until it bleeds. This is a stress-related habit that I’ve always struggled with. I will quit, it will heal up and I won’t pick it for months, then something will happen and I’ll start right back up. It’s a vicious disgusting cycle. Well, I’ve been picking it non-stop since last summer…the longest I’ve ever done it. It’s bad, I mean real bad. I’m certain it’s going to leave a scar this time. I try to keep a bandaide on it, to prevent myself from touching it. Its a weird stress relief, what can I say? Sometimes I’ll do it and not even realize I’m doing it.

So, the other day we were riding down the road and I told Addi that if she would pray for Mommy to stop picking her thumbs, I would pray for her to stop sucking her fingers and hopefully the Lord would give us strength and help us both overcome these bad habits. Kamryn was listening and chimed in quickly, “Mommy, I’ll pray for you right now! Dear Jesus, help Mommy stop picking her thumb and for it to get better. Amen!”

So unexpected and such a sweet reminder for me. When we are faced with issues, we should stop and pray right then & there. Why wait? The Bible does tell us to pray continually, after all. When our friends/family are faced with something, we should pray immediately. How many times has someone told me something they were struggling with and I said, “I’ll pray for you.” And then, I hate to admit it, but time passes and life happens and I totally forget to pray for them! Not good.

Kamryn, with child-like faith, was a perfect example for me that day. I thank God for my kids! Since then, I’ve set a goal to stop and pray right when requests or situations arise…not just during my quiet time or at dinner or as I lay my head on my pillow at night. When Ryan comes home at lunch and is having a tough day at work, I will pray then. When a friend shares a concern, I pray then. When I am thankful for the things in life that God has blessed me with, I pray at that time. Obviously God does not want to be a sliver of my daily routine, He wants to be my daily routine. I feel that one way this can be made true in my life is to “pray now”.

“Pray without ceasing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

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