I stand amazed.

Last Sunday, we sang this old hymn at church and it hit me in a way that it had never hit me. “Oh how marvelous, oh how wonderful” meant more to me as I sang the words than they ever have before.

Here are the lyrics (the last paragraph in particular)…

When you’ve lost a loved one that you know is now in the presence of Jesus and sing/hear songs that make reference to the day when you join them in heaven – it is quite an overwhelming feeling. Tons of emotions flooded my mind, heart & soul on Sunday morning as tears streamed down my face. Similar emotions that I’ve felt over the past 7 1/2 months.

Sadness – of our incredible loss. I miss my Dad every day and know that this pain will never cease.

Happiness – knowing he is in heaven as happy as ever and wouldn’t want to come back to this broken world even if he could.

Anger – as I looked around to see men comparable in age to him. He was healthy – he should still be here with us.

Peace – acknowledging that God is in control of ALL things and everything happens for a reason.

Joy – realizing that “when with the ransomed in glory, His face I at last shall see.” The face of Jesus AND my Dad. It’s gonna happen one day. Because of our Savior’s love, we have amazing hope.

How marvelous, indeed!

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